Anya Nov 08, 2013 Blog, MagNets 0 Comments

Hi all! Anya here to declare that it is WEEK ONE of MagNets development! This is a fairly arbitrary declaration, of course, as we’ve been prepping for a few weeks now and have had it on the project list for a year or so… but sometimes you need these things.

In honour of the occasion, and because we’re hoping to make one of these regularly to keep us on track, here’s a little video of our progress:

It’s recorded from the Unity editor because we love it so much and like to advertise, not because it was slightly easier than doing a build and navigating the current UI and I wanted to go home… honest. The twirly background on the title screen is a fun demo effect our Glorious Leader Richard was playing with when we got in this morning.

And next week? Unity Pro! It’s taken us a while, I know…

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