So, where do we start. Profuse apologies for the missing weeks. We have excuses, honest. None of that “dog ate our blogs” or “aliens stole our PCs” malarkey. It’s all been down to big amounts of business.

So first week (weak?) excuse was that we were showing at the Gadget Show, which was fun but quite long; all week in fact. Never have we felt so much pain as after standing up for six days solid. The first three days it was just me (Richard) and Andrea, and then the employees came up to help us out. We showed the game to (our best guess) around a thousand people, and we got feedback forms from over 400 of them. We also gave away many stickers, flyers and badges. Oh and 12Kg of sweet bananas. And just for the event we got some nice themed t-shirts.




The Gadget Show was a great chance for us to see what people really thought of the game, and also quite scary as so far no-one outside of our little dev group has had a chance to play it (not to mention, it wasn’t anywhere near the beta testing stage). Boy did we get some good feedback, which we have been working on ever since. We also got shown quite a few bugs – some we knew about, bu some were “how on earth did you do that?” and “how on earth did you do that again there?”

Our youngest player was 4, and he loved it. And also managed to finish a level, no mean feat seeing as we only had a medium difficulty setting (we now have three settings).


We were surprised to find that most people wanted it on Steam. We’re making it for Windows / Mac and Linux initially, but we always thought our target audience would prefer it on console. Nope, Steam it is, so now we need to get that sorted (Greenlight or publisher needed!). Second place was XBoxOne and slightly below it was PS4 (they were almost the same really). Quite a few people wanted it on Vita and 3DS as well, so that’s good to know.

We managed to talk to some press about it as well, and they seemed generally happy with it. Now we’re doing lots of follow up with everyone we talked to (hence why we’re so busy). We (or at least I) have also been getting into Twitter and as everyone knows, that sucks up time like a sponge.

One of the biggest highlights of the Gadget Show, aside from seeing people with the game, had to be hanging out with the other devs on the indie stand. Do check them all out!

Game-wise, we’re looking pretty tight at the moment. Doing the demo made us get a lot of little things fixed, and we fixed and tweaked things while we were there (mostly adjusting difficulty). Our new Artist Frederic is up to speed and a fair way into a whole new zone (the Park), and Anya is getting to work on the Museum levels.

Will and I have been bug fixing and generally updating a lot of the systems based on the feedback. All in all it’s feeling tighter, the controls are better, it’s looking better and generally – it’s better!

It’s too close to knocking off time to go into more things, so we’ll leave it for next time. We may even do an interim blog post next week to try and catch up… how good are we?

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