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So, that was the quickest week ever… I suspect some sort of temporal event. Or UNBELIEVABLE EXCITEMENT, maybe.

What have we done this week? Feverishly tried to make the game fun and presentable, mostly… although I (Anya) have been focused on making other presentable things. Partly I refer to press packs and image uploads and edits to the website. The site constantly seems to sprout typos that I swear weren’t there before. We also took some photos on Plymouth Hoe for our headshots! Here are some of the outtakes (if you didn’t see them on Facebook):

It seemed like a good time to do all this as we have entered the beginning of The Press Phase. This week we released our first officially official MagNets Press Release, which tells you all about how super we are and also about our funding.

But the other presentables I have been creating are fliers and stickers and such for the SUPER EXCITING event we will be going to on the 7th April… The Gadget Show Live! We’ve secured a space on the indie zone, one of only eight! We have ordered foam bananas and stickers to lure people in, and we will have t-shirts, and The General Public will be playing the game for the first time ever, eeeek!

Speaking of events, Richard and Andrea will be at Rezzed tomorrow if anyone wants to say hello – no stand this time, but plenty of mingling and checking out the awesome. And The Indie Games Collective Conference for Game Developers went very well – and here’s some lovely piccies of the event by Christos Reid/@failnaut:

Many thanks to the organisers for a great time!

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