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Iliara levels are coming along steadily. Richard is still fixing bugs. We’re still hunting for them. Everything is happy and peaceful in the TM office.

Moving to Unity very soon, which will change that pretty quick I reckon.

I am going to find the time to get some TM codemonkey interviews done at some point, I swear *looks at task list speculatively* but until then I am just going to talk about what I’m doing, which is less about the game developing and more about learning how to do the… everything else.

But I am happy, because the something that needs doing today is learning CSS in order to make version 2 of Which is looking pretty awesome already in the sense that it does everything I’ve asked it to do so far. When it’s finished and uploaded it will be so pretty, and so cool, and made with the power of TYPING THINGS IN NOTEPAD++!

You might be able to tell that I’m at the very very early stage of learning. I feel a bit like a magician awed by his own tricks. “LOOK, I WROTE WORDS AND NUMBERS AND IT DID SOMETHING!” I declare. “Yes, dear, well done,” say the programmers patiently.

In other news, my trial copy of Photoshop CS6 runs out in 5 days. I might cry.

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