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Well. Haven’t things been jolly busy for everyone. Anya, again, with the TM news.

I’ve handed in my notice at my old job. This means that very soon, I will be poor. No, wait, that’s not it – it means the website may come out of the state of flux it is in currently. There will also be more socialising, tweeting and blogging. Maybe even a YouTube tour of the Monkery Hub, i.e. Richard’s office, which is a place of glory and dreams. These things will be done while I procrastinate merrily about my art tasks.

My art will be done while procrastinating about the website. It’s a beautiful system.

Our Monkey Wrangler continues to work for her old job to support us all while we attempt to get successful. Not only that, she’s scribbling away filling out forms for funding, and using all her wrangling might to keep everyone on track through this terrifying, I mean exciting, time.

Top Chimp sits in his office tap-tap-tapping ’til all hours of the night. Nothing new there, mind, except you’re less likely to hear the sound of documentaries and Family Guy and more likely to hear his Serious Business music. His Serious Business music is weird. Follow him on Spotify if you don’t believe me.

Code Monkey #1 does what he’s told and anticipates the arrival of Day One, when he and I become Total Monkery’s first official employees. He is of course wildly excited for this insanely awesome opportunity. And only a small amount wetting himself.

Which pretty much sums up all of our feelings at the moment, actually.

Now, there is an awful lot more going on at the moment, but I think I’ll save all that for my first job of Day One. Expect detailed project updates, business details, TM personnel profiles, links, events, videos, foolishness and pictures of cute cuddly toys. Among many other things!

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