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I apologise in advance if I make a little less sense than usual, I’m somewhat under the weather.

At the moment, the lower monkeys are hard at work making levels for Iliara while Richard fixes bugs we find. The air is filled with the sound of “Richaaaard… can we have this feature pleeeease?”. When Richard is free for non-SekritProject coding time, the Port to Unity will begin. Which should be interesting. I’m sure some very entertaining bugs are going to emerge over the coming weeks.

I also have a nice long list on my whiteboard entitled “Anya’s non-Iliara goals”. These mostly involve the promotion side of things. Very soon there will be screenshots and promo materials so we can show wot we got to the world. Also, there will be badges! Everyone loves badges. Hopefully so we can scatter them about at ExPlay… if we can all agree which design to go for.

In fact… I may need your help for that later. Stay tuned!

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