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UK middleware tech developer Rymatek Limited has announced that they have entered into a development agreement with Mystery Enterprises Limited, an SEIS-compliant digital publishing start-up, focused on UK-based games software and intellectual property development. Total Monkery are proud to announce that they will be providing the technology for their first project – the Datafall engine. In addition, Total Monkery will be developing the first game to be made with the engine. More details to be announced soon.

Or, in blogspeak – Richard’s fellow veteran, Matt (LinkedIn) has been discussing with Richard for quite some time the possibility of making a genuinely reliable, convincing and extensive (not to mention extensible) engine for creating procedural narrative. When Richard quit contracting to start up Total Monkery, it seemed like the time was upon them. They formed Rymatek, which is a very cool name if you ask me, to be the company that would hold the IP and eventually distribute the license for the engine they planned to create. They then created Mystery Enterprises, a company focused on publishing mystery games created with the license. Mystery Enterprises is SEIS-compliant, which is a government scheme to encourage British growth by rewarding investors with tax breaks; we think it might be the only games industry company that is. Which is not surprising, as it sounds like it is a tiiiny bit difficult to set up. Anyway, Mystery Enterprises is now contracting Total Monkery, as well as other independent contractors, to do the development for both the engine and the very first game.

And that, my friends, is the Super Sekrit Project we’ve been working on. More details are soon to be announced about the game itself, along with concept art from Neil Roberts whose art is shiiiiny and who is doing seriously cool nerdy stuff at the moment. I will be posting and gushing very soon!

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