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So, here we are, Anya and Will, working for Total Monkery in an Official Capacity. Here’s a summary of the hijinks hard work so far:


Will begins at 10am. No computer has arrived. No desks have arrived. Will and Top Chimp Richard have codey discussions and make diabolical plans, also watch Futurama. Will takes notes. They both mock the pixelmonkey.

Richard’s business partner arrives (more about that later.) Richard and Andrea are starving on the 5:2 diet. Will and Anya run away cackling and gorge at home.


Still no computers or desks. More talk ensues. The phrase of the day is, “Will can do that.” Richard and Andrea are no longer on a starving day and go out to eat posh food.

Will’s computer arrives at 4pm and that cements the rest of the working day as computer set-up time. Still no desks.


Anya officially begins; spends much of the day pining for her computer to arrive and listening intently to programmer talk trying to figure out what on earth they’re on about. Anya fulfils gender stereotypes by making Will a manly meat sandwich.┬áReceives┬ánothing in return but mockery.

Laptop arrives at 4pm again. Anya squeals. Rest of her working day spent setting up and installing things. Will works with Unity; Richard tap-tap-taps on his keyboard and occasionally doles out wisdom or mockery.

Monkery office currently looks like this:



STILL no desks. Will uses his epic furniture construction and rearrangement skills to fashion a desk with boxes, part of a wardrobe, an old PC and copies of Bizarre magazine. It looks like this:


Will shows Anya how to use Unity. Anya pretends she doesn’t get it so he uses his teacher voice more.

3.30pm: The desks arrive! Will squeals this time. Rest of Will’s day spent in manly construction. Anya writes blog posts in the third person. Richard tap-tap-taps on his keyboard and doles out wisdom and mockery.

Office currently looks like this:


And now: to our local indie meet-up! In the pub.

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