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Hi guys, Anya as usual!

The TM team is at an interesting point at the moment, with circumstances being such that we are in a bit of a limbo, with work to do but more mostly in the realms of gathering ourselves together, straightening out our resources and doing some thoughtful planning for the road ahead – which will be interesting, and which I can’t wait to tell you about…

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were in Bristol over the last few days, which was a whirlwind adventure. It never ceases to amaze me that we get out of our road trips alive. How many other people go on holiday with their mother, their boyfriend and their boss, who is dating their mother… and you see them nearly all of the time… and the alcohol is flowing freely… and everyone’s very, very stressed…

Anyway, we somehow didn’t argue, and I think we’ve got a lot from it – and a lot to reflect upon. On Wednesday afternoon I had a look over the blog again, and although it made me smile a bit it’s actually a pretty patchy picture of the rollercoaster journey Total Monkery has taken to get to this strange moment, and it doesn’t do exactly what we wanted it to do – which is be an open place to talk about development, talk about indie, talk about cool stuff and share things! Not to mention talk about what we want to be and how we’re going to get there… and the things that have gone wrong so far. Thankfully, not too much… touch wood!

Anyway, we have always wanted to be involved in the dev scene and big up the community, but truth be told we’re all inclined to be shy and insular if we can get away with it. Which is why we have enlisted Press Space to keep us on the straight and narrow, and why we are formulating a PR Plan o’ Doom!

Here are some of the things we have in mind for TM:PR, particularly with regards to the blog…

1) An account of our journey so far, and the things that make us weird, special and lucky as a studio (including an answer to the question – What Has Happened to Iliara?)

2) Some informative dev talk/lecturing with Richard

3) Same with Will, probably more on the topic of Unity and how to make it do what you say.

4) And Mum will be talking about jumping head-first into the games business as a non-gamer!

5)…And I suppose I could probably talk. Most likely about WORKFLOW! Specifically with regards to Unity, Photoshop, Blender and Illustrator. And how those programs ROCK MY SOCKS.

6) The unveiling of the TM YouTube Channel! Including lots of embarrassing footage of the TM Mockery and Contempt Model in action…

7) A serious, serious website update and restructure, followed by prettification. You may notice it has already begun… you may not though.

8) Trying again with Twitter. Because I know that at least one of us is just going to ‘click’ with it.

8) Lots and lots of GAME DEV STUFF. Screenshots, builds, concept art, assets, interesting dev documents, all of it. Because you could be forgiven for believing we have none of these things, when in fact the TM Drop-Sky-Box-Cloud-Drive-Sync (as we call it) has been maxed out for a while. That’s not even mentioning the Subversion’ed stuff.

In fact, that reminds me… ourSpace Monkey has been shipped! Man, that’s going to make life easier…#Excited.

So that’s that. I have committed it to the internetz now, so it will be done! Cross my heart.

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