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I am a shocking, shocking blogger. But it’s been awfully busy…

Ye Olde Roadtrip

So I mentioned on Facebook that the oldies were in Birmingham, because we got to the final five of this. We were presenting MagNets; more information in our Projects tab. While the oldies were otherwise engaged, the younguns had lots of fun with Blender and Unity making the demo. And by lots of fun, we mean lots of sobbing and “WHY IS IT POINTING THAT WAY, WHY?”

We didn’t get the money, but no worries! Sony thought we were great, and there are always other possibilities…

Iliara Updates

I have begun to apply my arteestic perfectionism to the first 12 levels of Iliara in the hope of having a polished set to show people. I have also begun writing documentation so that we can get interested parties in on the Editor easier. In the release, of course, there will be tutorials… but for now, no.

I put in about twenty-five bug reports the first day. I’m really popular.

Will is deeply entrenched in the Port To Unity. It’s still deserving of capitals because it sounds like a somewhat epic job. Not that I have any idea what either of the codeypeople are going on about most of the time. Although I could probably sound like I do.

Richard continues to work on everything and do everything. I know very little about what he’s actually doing at any given moment, so I will drop another hint that he should do some blogging himself, and leave it at that.

Oh, and have some kittens. I hear cat pictures improve blogs 1000%!

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