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Today Will and I got chocolate for being good minions. Today was a good day.

…aaand I never thought I’d say that about a day that started out with a maths lesson. Richard has been giving us little trigonometry refreshers in the mornings for the past few days. There was a whiteboard and everything. Richard looked all teachery. It was… actually very cool.

My head is feeling rather heavy at the moment from the weight of all the new things I am trying to learn. It would help if I wasn’t trying to learn everything ever in the tiny space of time I can conceive of, like the crazy impatient person I am. Over the last couple weeks I have been on what amounts to a self-taught crash course in CSS, the results of which are a new Iliara website which looks reasonably shiny and works pretty well… assuming you don’t have IE8 or an iPad 1, and assuming you don’t mind it being jerky and buggy on various other mobile and tablet platforms. Tomorrow, I will fix it. Today, I can never look at another line of CSS again.

Will is responsible for the floaty JavaScript Iliara header, btw. I made a vow to stick to learning one thing at a time, and consequently know nothing about JavaScript myself. However, once the website is functioning okay on most things I may start learning a bit in my spare time, so I can swap out the crazy experimental CSS I’ve got for some slightly more reliable scripts. Although it will then be inherently less awesome IMHO.

Also, with my new skills I will be constructing a startlingly beautiful new Total Monkery website. But that will be a loooong term project.

I have also been doing other learnings this afternoon; I am trying to learn 3D modelling, specifically with Blender. So far I have made a shiny lilac house. It makes me very happy. The idea of making anything more complicated than a shiny lilac house makes my head hurt.

Anyway, enough about me. Will has been, when not writing bits of JavaScript and dealing with me and my “Please help me!”/”GO AWAY!” attitude to web development (or life), making increasingly sadistic Iliara levels. And increasingly sadistic lists of things I need to create art for. After tomorrow, I will be doing that. Among other things. Oh, so many other things.

Richard has been working on the Sekrit Project. It’s not a very Sekrit Sekrit Project, but there’s will also be an official announcementy type thing about it at some point, so I shall leave it a mystery for now. Richard has also been finding the time to be fixing Iliara bugs aplenty, and I now have fireflies, yay! Fireflies are my pet Iliara feature and I shall love them forever.

We are collectively, with various exciting comrades and allies, looking at various other projects, which will all be talked about in due course. They are all damn cool, but I think everything Total Monkery is damn cool. 😉

Mother/Andrea has purchased us badges, stickers and business cards! I have mentioned the business cards arriving, I know. Apparently handing them out to my friends and strangers and announcing that they make me an official grown-up is not the done thing. I maintain that I am merely voicing the secret thought of every young professional who has ever had cause to obtain a business card.

The stickers and badges, however, came last week. We managed, through various on- and offline discussions, to decide upon designs for the badges, but sadly they haven’t been set very well… The sticker is more of a success although a lot darker than the on-screen version. Still, they are cool, and we have already joyfully handed some out to select friends and family. At ExPlay we will be a bit more free, and by a bit more free I mean sneaking up on unsuspecting strangers and sticking them onto their most accessible appendage.

Now, as it says on my business card, I am an artist, so I think I’m going to spend some time doing the one thing I haven’t been doing much of these past few weeks. I’m going to go draw something. Adios!

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