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Hi guys, Anya and Will here!

As you may know, we’ve begun work on our crazy robot-capturing console game, MagNets! The reasons for which will become clear soon, when we can tell you about it…

Anyway, because we’ve not been good at devblogging so far, Richard set us the task of taking some screenshots this week, and sharing them on Twitter via the wonders of #ScreenshotSaturday… here they are for the blog:

What we’ve got: one first-pass player character rigged but stuck in T pose, some placeholder level pieces, some functioning switches, some dreadful UI, some cool particles because Will loves sparklies, and a fair amount of code and project planning work done.

We very nearly didn’t post these screenshots, because MagNets is so early that it’s just a big ol’ mess and we couldn’t stop trying to tweak it so it looked… well, finished. But a) this is clearly stupid, and b) we’d been told to by the boss, so we managed! Hopefully we’ll have another set next week to show our progress… and Will has promised to do a dev digest! Well, mumbled that he might..

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