Plymouth, England: 29th May, 2015 – Take control of the elements as you lead four brothers across twenty-four island puzzles to find the source of their curse!

Take your wits with you across a serene and mysterious environment as you control fire, water, earth and air to conquer the obstacles ahead, and even combine the brother’s powers to solve otherwise-impossible challenges. Hidden treasure has also washed ashore for the brothers to find, so search far and wide… you’ll need it to pay the ferryman.

The game includes:

  • 24 levels to solve, some allowing multiple solutions to reach the next island
  • Free 8-level trial
  • 4 brothers, 4 elements to master: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water
  • Hidden treasure to find in each level, some guarded by its own puzzles
  • Available on the Windows Store release
  • Expanded version coming to Xbox One Arcade at a later date

For more information about the game click here:

Total Monkery

Our family-run company prioritises fun and new ideas, relishing the challenge of creating games for a broad range of genres and platforms. We are an ambitious company with goals beyond making just quality games, and hope to continue collaborating with others, getting involved in the local area, sharing our skills and experience, and in doing so contribute value to the industry we love. Read more about us at or find us on Twitter @TotalMonkery.

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