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Woo!In the wake of the exciting Kotaku coverage, PC Gamer pickup and exciting collection of letsplays produced by our pre-alpha release, we wanted to talk a bit more about Late Night Shop and our plans for world domination making a high-quality end product. First of all, a lot of background information is covered in this excellent interview with the two members of our team responsible for the concept, Luke and Frederic:


Frederic started the design for LNS as a very short, punchy game. Since then, we’ve discussed everything from that to a AAA masterpiece (anyone got a couple million?) and we’ve got some pretty solid ideas for scaling this and not making the mechanic too boring (or exhausting!). Also worth mentioning: LNS is going to get WEIRD. Think Primark as rendered by Dali. We’ve left a lot of the trippiest stuff out of the demo, but it is GOOD, especially in VR. We’re having fun trying to balance spatial weirdness with not being sick.

But release date, and scope, is dependent upon funding. We’re looking at options at the moment – we’ll know where we are within a month.

In other news, we’ve been working on MagNets for its launch as Magnets: Fully Charged on Xbox One VERY SOON. We’ve made some pretty huge improvements. Our puzzle game ElemenTales will also be hitting consoles in the next few months with extra levels and an art upgrade… it’s all go in the Total Monkery office!

This evening, we say goodbye to our lovely Spanish intern, Mark. He’s made some great surreal set pieces you’ll see soon. And we say welcome to Alex, our new art apprentice! He’s been with us just over a month and is doing awesomely.

Thanks for reading!

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