Anya Oct 26, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

Happy Halloween, everyone!

So you might have noticed that it’s been a little quiet from us. Never fear – this the fun kind of quiet where a bunch of big exciting plans are afoot and we can’t say anything in particular because we don’t know which big exciting plan is going to become THE plan. Sorry about the vagueness, guys.

Anyway, Andrea and Richard are travelling to Paris this afternoon for Paris Games Week! Alright for some, although apparently it’s all business. If you’d like to talk to them, they’re available for appointments through the Games Connection Meeting App. I’m sure they’ll be much less vague than I am.

Back at home, we’ve all got plenty of work to do. MagNets: Fully Charged will be hitting the Xbox this year. ElemenTales is likely to hit very shortly after. And Late Night Shop… well, stay tuned.

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