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So this is it. The big moment.


About this release:

MagNets is our first game. We’ve never released a game before. Even our Technical Director, a 20-year veteran coder, is on new turf today with the first release from the first project he has ever headed, from the first business he has ever headed, and the first project he has ever had a hand in designing and producing with the first team he has had a hand in choosing, training and managing.

This time last year, two of the three of us had never even started making a game, let alone finished one, and our new artist only had 6 months experience when he joined us, 6 months in.

In summary, we’re all shaking in our boots. Bear with us at this difficult time, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you buy the game and encounter a problem.

We want to thank everyone who has made this possible, especially all the playtesters, event patrons, help forum contributors, local talent and other indies we’ve met – both in person and cyberspace. Everyone we’ve spoken to has been so kind, so fun, so complimentary and so unbelievably helpful and it’s just so exciting to be part of such an ace game dev community. So exciting that I might be sick… or maybe that’s the nerves?

This is by no means the end of development of MagNets, however, which is why I’ve included our roadmap for the next year. Aside from some free PC updates, Mac and Linux versions, we’ve got an exciting schedule of porting to consoles!

But first…


We have a strong desire to release on everything, everywhere we can manage. However, is a GREAT first platform. It’s super-simple for devs to use, the submission process is smooth, it looks good, and at the moment they take NO cut. It’s also gaining popularity by the day. Most of the platforms we have contacted have been exceedingly helpful, and all have their strengths, but is by far the easiest. And when you’ve worked all-out on a game for a year, that’s exactly what you want.

We will be releasing on other platforms over the coming weeks, but as a bonus to encourage you to, we’ll be including a few little freebies!

What now? With Roadmap:

We’ve officially released, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. Here’s the current plan for MagNets, and more, for the next year or so (click for bigger version):

RoadmapOf course, game development can be an unpredictable thing. We are also very much ruled by what we can afford. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got modest targets, we only need a bit from each platform to add up to a decent whole that will keep us running. We’re focusing on using Richard’s ninja porting skills to make that happen, while the rest of the team heads up the next project.

In closing: THANK YOU EVERYONE! Even if you don’t buy the game, or don’t buy it straight away, your input is greatly appreciated.


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