Hi, Victorian Lady here (aka Andrea),

There has been much excitement in the TM office this week as everyone has been working hard on getting the demo ready and polishing our shiny new trailer in preparation for going on Steam Greenlight! Many foam bananas have been consumed.

We have now gone live! Please vote for us here!

Richard and I escaped the office this week to find out more about the IC tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest which gave us lots of food for thought, not to mention the opportunity for Richard to play Doom on the piano.

All that thinking necesitated several beers in a really cool urban oasis in Shoreditch. Ah, it’s a hard life.

It is now beer o’clock (again – wonderful that it comes around so often) and we are finished. As I said, MagNets Greenlight is now live (hint, hint). We are looking forward to a weekend of anxiously staring at stats while all the sane people enjoy BBQs and bask in the sunshine.

If you have enjoyed following us please spare a few minutes to vote for us on Steam Greenlight and spread the word to your friends and family.

Also, look out for the fun competition which will be announced with the Demo release on Monday Wednesday!

The Piano of Doom

The Piano of Doom

Shiny new title screen

Shiny new title screen

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