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Where’d Week 14 go? Well, on Friday Will and I were too busy taking a day off, which we used to get some much-neglected housework done, and Richard had a day off during which he… felt really ill. I’d like to say we feel rested, but I don’t think we’ve got the hang of holidays…

The reason we all had a short week last week is because it was a Milestone Week. A milestone week, you say? Well, as will be announced in our upcoming press release(!), we secured a Creative England GamesLab grant to fund development of MagNets, and Thursday was the day where we had to show off our first three months’ work. Deadlines are scary and good at the same time; nothing like a bit of stress to sharpen development! All went well… so what now?

Work so far has been primarily focussed on bringing a single zone (that is, four levels) up to a certain quality. But now we are starting on the Rest Of The Game! Which is great, actually, as it gives us a whole bunch of very different tasks that we can switch between to keep us from feeling too bored and drained. Our next mini-goal is to get a video and hopefully a demo going on the site, then there’s one more milestone between now and release… big stuff.

But in other news, last week we also had the pleasure of doing our very first podcast interview with The Mature Gamer Podcast Nightshift! You can find it here: Episode 42. I haven’t brought myself to listen to it yet (I needed a pint of cider just for nerves) but it was jolly good fun in the end and the guys are excellent.

This week, we’ve had talks about BRANDING. This is something we’ve wanted to work on from the start, and never had the time or the skills available, but now we’re biting the bullet and considering our outsourcing options. Our promotional activity is going to be ramping up over the coming months, and we’d really like a nice, clean, super-versatile shiny set of logos to splash over everything. To this end, we’ve had some good talks with local company Elixel (yay Plymouth!)… so watch this space!

What else? Oh yes, some indie events! Richard and Andrea are going to the Indie Games Collective event on the 21st in London… and Richard will be speaking! It is titled “Indie 2.0: What being indie means in 2014” which will be a bit about our journey as Total Monkery, and a bit about indie culture today, and a bit about business planning, and a bit about the dreaded money. It’s going to be a good one!

Then they are off to EGX Rezzed in Birmingham on the 28th, which looks good. The oldies are looking forward to meeting some fine twitter people and talking dev (and showing Magnets off!).

And then there’s some even more exciting news on the horizon… but that’s for another week! Instead, I will leave you with some awesome pictures of Andrea and Richard’s weekend… Richard’s found some new staff to replace us! :(

Richard has found some staff to replace us...


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