Hello readers, I’m Frederic and in my new-job eagerness I offered to write this week’s blog post.

As I sit here staring at this blank document, however, I  immediately regret this decision…Now that you are on board with my situation please excuse me as I fumble through what has been going on here at Monkery HQ.

Levels, levels and levels! Most of my time is being spent getting the park zone of the game playing and looking good. Three of the five levels are up to a stage where we can play with them and work out fun stuff like enemy spawn points/rate. The visuals are mostly set and just need further refinement.

One of the levels I have been enjoying getting working involves a robotic band that need defending. during the course of building the band I learned some valuable lessons about animating between Blender and Unity..  mostly that it doesn’t work in the way I was expecting at all! however I am thankful to have Will and Anya here to help me out and the band are now jamming to some smooth grooves.

On the subject of animation…

We now also have new bot spawn hatches that are working great and causing murmured giggles amongst Will and I, turns out spawning a load of bots within a cannon-type collider and watching them freak out is kinda fun.

Lots more movement in levels incoming!

Everyone is hard at work: Anya, with getting the Museum zone up and running and having to deal with me asking her questions every 5 mins. Will has written an awesome component-based switchable system that means we arty types can get the mechanics of our levels working fast (and also dealing with my incessant questioning).

Andrea has been doing… I’m not sure what. There’s lots of groaning and huffing with words like ‘refinement’ and ‘business plan’ being wildly thrown around so do spare a thought.

Richard has been overheard saying ‘Anya, remove this cat from this dog’ and obviously also working very hard… like, 1000 twitter followers hard!

Ok, that’s a wrap from me, apologies for the late post and I am sure we will speak again!

(Editor’s note: Frederic is taking the rap for my error with that apology – I got distracted by a passing sparrow and forgot to post this. What a good newbie! – Anya)

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