Hello everyone, this is Andrea here, the team’s general manager (A.K.A. general dogsbody and keeper of all the boring jobs). This is my first attempt at blogging, and I am struggling to concentrate due to the mockery and laughter of the team. This is mainly because my unoffical title in the office is ‘victorian lady’. A somewhat-deserved moniker, as I can usually be heard shouting at any and all electronic devices when they fail to perform the simple tasks I have requested of them. I am told this is my fault and not theirs (which I doubt) and that they are not in fact voice-activated (yet another failing on thier part).

Anyway, onto the the important matter of updating. Richard and I had a very exciting bank holiday weekend as we visited the amazing Insomnia Gaming Festival. This was a revelation to me, as I was unaware of the wonder of LAN parties. The event was really cool, with a great atmosphere. Josh of Multiplay, the event’s organisers, billed it as the Glasonbury of Games and he wasn’t wrong. I particularly liked the hay bales and the excellent real ale. We have vowed to return in August and are hoping to have a stand, as the game will be almost finished.

To my untrained eye the game seems to be coming along at a rapid rate, with more shiny bits and two whole new zones taking shape. Everyone is focusing on polishing and bug-fixing ready for submission to the indie showcase competion for Develop.

Museum Zone - Level 1

Museum Zone – Level 1

We also chose a winner for our ‘name the central charater’ competition for the Gadet show: Congrats to Morgan Coe, who suggested Faraday (very appropriate choice for a victorian lady).

The lucky winner of the signed concept art is Aaron Quiney (it’s on its way to you).

That’s it from me, signing off on my first ever blog 🙂



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