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Ahhh, Valentine’s, that most divisive, contentious and embittering of holidays. Here at Total Monkery, only one form of love is allowed… a love for doing lots of work!

This week has been much the same as last week, trying to pretty everything up and hook everything to everything else and generally work towards the ultimate goal of a super-shiny demo in March. Not long, then!

As with last week, the motto is still ‘less is more’, with some levels becoming a little unwieldy and ridiculous and needing a cold, cruel pruning. It’s also been ‘do all the things’, which makes it very difficult to write this blog without going into unnecessary and potentially boring detail (fix this, tweak that, bug hunt, fix that, forget something, curse, fix again, repeat until game is done). Our most interesting developments include:



As you can see, I have put in some clues as to what the heck is actually going on here in our Loading Bay level, and what your purpose is. More to follow.

Glass, Machinery, Excitement!

Glass, Machinery, Excitement!

Manufacture has been the level about which all the ‘less is more’ discussion has been focused upon this week. It’s mahussive. Has a nice transparent observation deck, though.

Shiny shiny hexagons...

Shiny shiny hexagons…

Our Control Room level still looks pretty much its same badass self…

Some marvellous pipes... soon to feature flying objects!

Pipes… soon to feature flying objects!

And Packing and Assembly is looking better, now that we’ve realised what it was missing… Some giant pneumatic tubes! Those dastardly bots better not break ’em…

Anyway, that’s it from me, as being late home from work on Valentine’s day will get me in trouble 😉 Until next week!

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