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Apologies for the infrequent posting of late! We have, of course, been working flat out bringing MagNets together. This week we’ve begun prepping the Desura and Indie Games Stand sales pages, as well as Green Man Gaming – look out for an announcement when they go live.

As of sometime next week, then, we will be available for pre-order. We are also hoping to go live with Desura’s Alphafunding option during the period between next week and release, so that anyone who wants full access right now can get stuck in!

We intend to have a final release build ready-to-go on the 20th of November. This might mean we’ll be go live that very day, or it might take some time for submission and approval and such. We’ve never done this before, so we’ll have to see! :O

As part of all this absolutely terrifying exciting release prep, we’re working on a new video. This one will have a rundown of everything we’ve got; 8 (maybe 9) bots types, the MagNet, special moves, zones, challenges, multiplayer, action! We’ve learned a lot from our previous vids, mostly about communicating what’s going on and how to play, showing a broader range of features, bigging it up and really trying to get across just how fast-paced and stressful MagNets really is.

We’ve also got some new promo screenshots!

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