Hi everyone! It’s been a while. I hardly know where to start!

Some of you will have seen our newest project, Late Night Shop. Though this is the first we’ve mentioned it on the blog, you’ll find plenty of references it on our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vine, and we’ve got a nice new website for it too: latenightshopgame.com. It’s a bit bare bones for the minute.

What can I say about it? As fellow Plymouth champion developer Viki pointed out, it’s a game of Grandmother’s footsteps… with terrifying shop mannequins. It initially started out as a side project between Frederic and Luke, but they decided, after ElemenTales, to bring it to the team to develop as a Total Monkery game. Which is awesome, because we all already thought it was cool. And it is very cool:

That soundtrack was written for the game by @DamionSheppard, by the way, and I CANNOT EXPRESS how much I adore it. It presses so many of my favourite musical buttons.

Most Whovians (or lapsed Whovians, like me) will immediately think of the Weeping Angels, but Frederic is a heretic and hasn’t seen any, so cites the inspiration in part to be this (WARNING: dark, gory) short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La6T8Bq6CsU. Also, standing in Primark marvelling at the scary potential. Creepy…

It is also going to be VR-ready, and we have a mobile “demo”/interactive trailer of the VR experience (though we’re not targeting mobile). As you can see:

But that’s not all we’ve been up to, oh no. We’ve been busy with the MagNets port to Xbox One, mostly undertaken by Richard, as well as making an Android build of ElemenTales, which needs some shader love but will be available soon. We’re also considering the possibility of massively extending ElemenTales into a console-ready game, making the most of the modular level assets with a level editor, but that is an endeavour for the future. Oh, and also we’ve had a lovely Spanish exchange student with us, and when he has to return we’ll have a new apprentice, making us a team of 7! Gosh.

I was going to include a little summary of our Develop experience in this blog, but I think I will save it ’til Monday. I will mention one more thing, though: Luke has a great blog about some of the stuff he’s been doing with Late Night Shop from a code point of view, as well as lots of other interesting stuff; he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s definitely setting himself up to take over this blog someday soon ;). Anyway, well worth a read:


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