Time is a very frightening thing. It’s nearly been 8 months since Team Monkery assembled. And a whole month since the last blog. So how goes it for us?

Well, I’m pretty sure I have learned more in the past 8 months than my brain ought to be able to contain, and I’m sure Will feels the same. We are still working all-out on our funded project, which hopefully will have a super-shiny detailed press release and some web presence very soon.

We’re also planning to put overtime in over the next few weeks to bring Mini MagNets forward. We’re hoping to have something for the indie showcase at Develop. And maybe Iliara will get some lovin’ too – but love don’t pay the bills, so we’ll see.

It’s all been a bit slower than we’d like over the last week or so as the Richard Machine broke down and was ill in bed for what he says is probably the first time in a decade, and Will and I have been feeling the strain of the live together/work together dynamic just a bit. But all is well now, and very soon we will have ACTUAL THINGS to show! Concept art, press stuff, an actual description of the game we’re making…;)

Oh yes, and today is our colleague Matt’s birthday! Happy Birthday Matt!

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