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We’ve got a nice mix of opinions in the TM office; while Will has a soft spot for cool new tech, Richard is an old-school retro games fanatic. Recently, Richard lent out some of his consoles to a retro gaming event in Penzance, and there’s a nice article all about it here. The article also mentions Jamie Hamshere,  a cool person/musician that we have some exciting music game plans with – more about that some other time. I say that a lot, don’t I? I’m such a tease.

In other news, Total Monkery had fun at this month’s ExPlay social – interesting talk about Unity 4, which looks exciting even to my inexperienced eyes, and the theme was old vs new which involved nearly everyone failing quite badly at Mario (I blame the controller, stupid trigger fast-forward), Will failing hilariously badly at Mariokart (“I’m too drunk to drive!”) and Richard displaying masterful Tetris skills. Sadly I felt (and indeed feel) pretty rotten by this point so mum and I left the men to get rather drunk on their own. I gather the rest of the night was fun. 😉

Anyway, this afternoon I intend to finally get around to talking about ILIARA, as there is much to say. So stay tuned!

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