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So, I hear that we may well be making a game… think it’s time to talk about it!

Iliara is a spirit creature, created by the life force of his planet. He begins his life in innocence, not knowing his origin or purpose, but is guided by the planet to his eventual destiny ā€“ saviour of the world…

His story is played out in the cave paintings of the ancients, and that’s where you come in šŸ˜‰

Iliara will be a platform game for mobile, tablet and PC. Players will fire life-spirit using touch or mouse controls to move around the levels, collecting items, fighting enemies and solving a wide variety of puzzles. Iliara also includes a feature-rich level editor, enabling players to create their own puzzles, remix the work of others and share with the community, as well as participate in challenges and competitions.

Iliara started out as Recoil, based on the way Iliara moves; you fire one way, he recoils the other. Ā Here’s one of the first versions:

You can see more of Iliara’s development from a more technical standpoint from Richard’s YouTube channel.Ā Richard began Recoil nearly two years ago with artist Matthew Beakes (website/linkedin), and from there they formed Iliara as it stands now. Both of them, however, had other commitments, and development slowed – until the stars and various other factors aligned, and taking the game forward with Total Monkery became a reality.

If you want to see a bit more detail, here’s a draft outline for Iliara. It’s pretty out of date now, but the most significant change by far is the move to Unity. As it stands, Iliara is in XNA and was originally intended as a Windows Phone game, but Unity’s cross-platform nature makes much more sense and we all think it’s the future ;). First order of the day for Iliara, then, is porting it; Will and Ricard will be starting that very soon indeed.

Other small changes involve how the life spirit drains – there’s now an overheat system – and the addition of ice and wind totems and the removal of the dark totem. Other things will shift and change as problems and gameplay flaws emerge. And the other thing that bears mentioning is the editor; it’s IMHO not so much of an ‘also’ but a major selling point. It offers vast amounts of control and loads of assets. It’s what our chief level designer, i.e. Will, will be using to design the story mode levels, and part of the problem he’s had so far is not knowing where to start in introducing everything you can do. And if we develop an Iliara community, and they get inspired by the power of the editor, we’re going to see things that none of us could haveĀ conceivedĀ of. After all, it’s based on cave painting; you can tell any story you like on a cave wall.

When Richard makes it stop crashing, of course. All in good time.

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