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Today has been one of those days! Not for Total Monkery, as of course everything goes swimmingly in our office at all times, but Will and I started the day in a dusty attic and nothing’s gone quite right from there…

Today has been a day of less Iliara levels and more Team Meetings. Our Monkey Wrangler has given me deadlines. Deadlines! The cheek… as anyone who knows me can tell you, deadlines are my nemesis. But they are counteracted by me massively enjoying nearly everything I’m supposed to be doing at the moment, so I’m not complaining.

But! Today I need help. There have been a few debates in the TM hub recently around the subject of badge designs. And by debates, I mean petty squabbling, as only the members of a family business can. So to save the company from all-out badge war, I’ve decided to pass on the decision to the wisdom of the internet. Below are ten badge designs; comment and tell us which one’s your favourite, please? Or if you like them but a tiny bit different? Or if they all suck and we should make a new one, this time with boobies? All input gratefully received.

And if you pick my favourites I’ll give you a cookie. 😉

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