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So, the TM roadtrip is over, and we can go home and back to work! Roadtrip, you say… we didn’t even know about a roadtrip! Well, that is in part why we were up in Bristol in the first place… to talk PR.

Total Monkery is a family business, and as such our commitment to our cause has a certain familial ferociousness. Unfortunately, we are also a bit insular, and a tiny bit rubbish at promoting our unspeakable awesomeness.

Enter Natalie of Press Space, our new guru, keeping us on the social media straight and narrow! We’ll be receiving a report from our PR audit soon, at which point we will unveil our Plan for World Domination!

Some of this plan will involve a) better explaining our goals and what we’re about, b) explaining exactly what we have been doing for the past year and c) expunging all the hopelessly ambiguous ‘TBA’s from our game concept catalogue. So watch this space.

The other reason we were in Bristol is money, but in the interests of mystery and suspense I won’t talk about that until we know the news. But I will say, good luck to everyone! Especially Plymothians… up the janners!

Now, I have an appointment with my duvet… Anya of TM, over and out.

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