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Hi there! Anya here… I’m forcing myself to write today despite the oppressive discomfort of STILL NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL YOU THINGS!

However… we are in happy days with regards toMagNets: these few weeks have been mostly pre-production exploring, trying to set ourselves up well and work on a bit of everything that we consider an unknown or high-risk element to the project. This mostly involves: cleaning up, expanding and reorganising the MagNets Unity project (previously a rapid-protoype); rigging our main guy and figuring out Mecanim; getting a couple different camera and character controllers going so we can play/test/develop with them; getting a few switches and levers and more obvious gameplay elements up and running (and then Will teaching me how to hook them up); renaming things to more sensible things while we still have only a few assets to deal with; watching all the tutorial videos we’ve been putting off while we didn’t have the time; and generally nailing down our pipelines and workflow. Ooh, I love those sexy words.

Will even made me little cyan lines that draws between switches and their relevant entities in the editor window, which is fun because it was one of those features that you mention dreamily, and then you get it five seconds later and you get excited. And then the coder looks at you in confusion, like, “That’s what it takes to impress you?”

I’ll never get over directly asking the guys to put something in for me and then it’s there, it makes you mad with the power… mind you, I’m still not really over the ‘magic’ of code in general. Ditto CSS… I’ve been fiddling about with website layouts since I first had a LiveJournal a long, long time ago but I still do little dances every time I type in the magic words and the demon that lives in the internet fixes my site for me.

(I am over-dramatizing my ignorance of How Stuff Works. But I do do little dances.)

This week, we also had the pleasure of Matthew Beakes’s company. Matt is responsible for a large part of what is awesome about Iliara, and is really super-talented and I’m wildly jealous. He had some time to chat about Iliara’s future, the results of which were pleasing. We have set aside a certain proportion of our time for stroking Iliara lovingly and apologising for the neglect (as well as time for some client work). This will be a good way of preventing us from MagNets burnout.

Anyway, that’s it from me for the moment, but do check out the MagNets project page, where I’ve added a gallery of all the #ScreenshotSaturday images, concept art and such for MagNets. Hopefully I’ll be back to the blog with more informative info, soon!

Also, because it is my favourite holiday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And in honour of the occasion, let me show you a chilling picture.¬†Apparently, giving the previously flat, mobile-friendly bots proper eyes has made them a bit creepy…

Doesn't seem too bad, does it? Except for the scary temp texture...

Doesn’t seem too bad, does it? Except for the scary temp texture…

But wait... there's something...

But wait… there’s something…

...Very funny, Will.

…Very funny, Will. *Sigh*

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