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Anya here! Most exciting news first: Total Monkery is moving into a new office!

It is in the Roland Levinsky building, which Plymouthians will know as the shiny, weirdly-windowed University building in the centre of town. It’s an awesome space being offered by the Formation Zone, a very cool project to support budding businesses. Some of you may know it as the previous offices of fellow Plymouth games company of excellent repute, Mutant Labs. 😉

From January 2014 there is also the chance for local game devs to access FZ space and services low-cost as part of a research project: definitely worth heading to the next ExPlay meeting for more info!

In dev land, we’ve had some fresh input from Phil, in the form of cute final boss concepts, which I am reluctant to show you because of spoilers, and also: a new player design. Cute as the previous design was, it wasn’t as bot-y as we’d like, and had some problems vis-a-vis giant heads and top-down games. So, here is Phil’s art:

small Character alternate view - Copy Player variations 25And here is a very quick-and-dirty render of the new model in Blender, with a decidedly low-detail texture for the moment:


So many round things! I think his deelyboppers might slowly start turning more square. We couldn’t bear to part with them completely. Animation is the next thing; the previous player has been labouring along with some free animation assets, which are okay but not really suited to the figure our character cuts. It’s a bit of a headache really, I am a novice animator, if enthusiastic, and it takes far too long at the moment, and it’s all tied into his movement about the level and code and such. Paid offerings are probably the way forward…

Oh, and I also put in V1 of the demo’s boss. He will be a CatBot:


Code-wise, Will has been working on bots behaving badly, and Richard has been working on making camera-changing regions (levels feel better to walk around already), and everyone has been working on a bit of everything else, bit by bit and step by step.

We move out on Sunday! Wish us luck.

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