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Aaaand we’re back! And thank goodness, because we missed it. Sadly,half the TM team have been very ill over Christmas (Anya and Will) with Andrea and Richard nursing a cold or two themselves. And with the merry chaos of Christmas all around, the holiday has been kind of exhausting!

But now we’re back, hooray, and at the end of the first full week of 2014. We have definitely made up for the slow end of 2013 this week. Things that felt like they were taking forever are getting much quicker, and will be getting quicker still… all the known-unknowns, investigations and deliberations are done with, and it’s just a case of make, make, make!

So what have we done?


This week, I have been focusing on the blocking out and fleshing out of levels for the demo, as well as lots of clean-up and asset inventory. Collaborator Dan has been a great help, creating plenty of assets to speed up the assembly of levels. We’re getting much clearer and firmer on workflow now, and we’ll probably have our full complement of levels mocked up pretty quick. But we’re focusing on bringing four up to final quality this month or so. Today, I’m looking at shaders. ūüôā

Oh, and I also dipped into Python¬†a bit! A very, very, infinitesimally small bit. Okay, fine… I just googled for what I was after, namely, a way to export a bunch of¬†Blender¬†objects in a scene to separate FBX files. I found¬†this link on exporting objects in a scene to separate .obj files,¬†changed ‘.obj’ to ‘.fbx’, added some Unity-friendly export settings in brackets after and then called it done. Only, with added cursing, googling, and script-breaking, the reason for which I am still not entirely sure but I assume has something to do with me missing a space or adding a space or indenting wrong or something like that. But I thought I’d share, because it’s handy.¬†


Will has been everywhere this week, setting up level progressions, hooking things to other things, making prefabs, organising stuff, investigating the possibilities of purchasing character animations, writing handy workflow and productivity scripts, making particle effects, working on the mood system and AI for the bots, and adding vital bits of code in various different places. My favourite thing he did this week was write me a script to tell me how big an object is.

Richard: Richard had a chat with¬†Phil Corbett this week, and he’s working on some character redesign/variation ideas.¬†He lectured on Thursday at Plymouth University, this week on developing for the¬†Leap Motion controller, and has been working with it this week in preparation. Next week, lectures on C# and Unity!

Wednesday he registered with¬†, who offer financial support for the PR training we’re going to receive through the lovely Natalie of¬†Press Space,¬†an awesome indie-focused PR support company.

Code-wise, we have: a spawner that spawns anything you like in a pseudo-random fashion; the beginnings of a system to draw and animate circuit lines (for example, between a platform and a “charge pillar”, or between a switch and its power-source, with a conspicuous gap for a fuse), UI system updates, and a bunch of bits and¬†pieces¬†besides.¬†

And now, some glorious screenshots this week, of Will testing out his bot cannon spawner (centre)…

Many bots...

Many bots…





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