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I am back, says Anya! Although a bit late for last week’s devblog.

Last week was another slightly disrupted one, with Will and I taking a Christmas Shopping Holiday and the builders in the kitchen. But we had fun nevertheless, as we took this week to step away from our monitors and put our level design hats on. I think we’re all inclined to get hung up on designing, as we collectively design our games but none of us are designers first. I, for one, have little internal power-struggles between my producer-self, artist-selves and designer-self, with art, tech and workflow concerns (and the desire to stay at the computer with my headphones on) always winning out over the voice that says AND WE SHOULD HAVE LASER ROBOT SHARKS IN THIS CORNER AND A GIANT CRUSHY THING OVER THERE AND OMG THAT WOULD BE SO COOL IF…

This job has been massively helped by having the pleasure of our multi-talented indie dev friend Dan Stubbs, who has an excellent eye and tons of enthusiasm. It is very, very good to get someone to look over our progress, especially at the moment when we’ve got miles to go before we finish and Christmas is coming and everything seems a bit harder than usual.

So our progress this week primarily involved a big old design meeting, where we explained MagNets to Dan (which is helpful all on its own) and came up with some definite levels with the assistance of Dan’s bag of lego (although I find it very difficult to do anything but compulsively build little houses). Then Richard and I wrote up what we talked about into our Design Doc, which is getting huge. And then I managed to sneak in a bit of modelling, which is the nicest and most serene part of my job. I also had Will teaching me how to use PlayMaker, which is what he’s been taking a crash course in when not designing, or trying to make me happy by giving me shaders. And Richard has put a bit of time into the MagNet, which is his baby and which must feel super-gratifying and awesome if this game is going to be good at all. Oh, and we have added to our asset list of extreme longness… which both scares and excites me.

The game looks a little different, mostly because of a shiny reflection map, so I will finish off with some screenshots of this week’s work:

magnetsbuild091213_01 magnetsbuild091213_02

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