I would say “this is Anya, as usual”, but it’s not, it’s Richard. So why me all of a sudden? Well, Anya is a bit busy doing nice new level art and I’m not so busy (makes a change).

Week 4


So, that week went quick. It started with great ambition and it went pretty well even though we all took Wednesday off. This was the week we wanted to concentrate on getting more of a game feel to what’s going on. I have to say, it’s feeling so much more like a game, which is a good thing seeing as it’s, well, a game.

Will started off the week working on a new animation controller and tightening up a load of the systems. Big improvement. All nice and Unity-friendly, it slots into all the levels we’ve built. Moving on he got bots attacking the player correctly and gave them some particle weapons. For anyone that knows Will, they know he has a slight passion for particles. The bots now fall apart in nice physically controlled bundles when destroyed as well, which looks jolly nice. Oh, lots of odds and sods as well that go along with Unity development as well. He also tells me his biscuit-eating task went well, in fact he worked really hard at it.

Anya has been working hard on getting the production pipeline going for level building. We have a much better idea now of how we need to build things. There’s been lots of new textures (and tweaks), materials, lighting, UV unwrapping and sky boxes. It’s all really coming along and it’s worth sorting early into the development as leaving it too late leads of big problems. The UI got a new pass and we moved over to some proper in-game icons for things. Looks  a lot nicer than the four  random looking numbers we used to display.

Me, I’ve been doing the usual “behind the scenes” management stuff but I also managed to get some coding work done. We now have a basic level progression system in and I’ve been updating it so it’s a little cleaner for non-techy users. We plan on getting some outside help in for level design, so this is a must. My pet project on the game is the actual MagNet and it’s coming along. As it’s the core gameplay mechanic we really want it to look and behave as well as possible.

So, all in all a good week of progress. Which means one thing: it’s now Friday and I believe it’s beer o’clock. I bid you farewell and leave you with a screenshot.

Magnets 2013-11-29 19-46-41-71

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