Richard here. Why not Anya? Well she’s a tad busy with sorting out the final level to our internal demo. We are aiming for a playable demo release in March, but this is our own one for personal consumption.

So, what’s been going on? Well, settling into the new office, for one thing. We were not expecting to get a lot done this week, what with all the moving and setting-up of equipment (and the wandering around the University campus finding all the new places to eat). But in fact, we’ve got loads done.

Monkeys At Work

Monkeys hard at work…

Anya has been doing many a varied thing this week; making logos for the new office, playing with decals, researching and sourcing animations for our main character, making progress on our first boss (the factory cat) and updating the boss level. She’s also made her fair share of tea, which for me was a high point.

Will has been updating the Recycletron with added particles (something he has a passion for), adding more gameplay progression to the levels, doing concept work for the boss level, cleaning up all the level hierarchy (we must have order!), updating the player with Anya’s new animations, adding pickups and generally going through the ever-increasing list of “thing that must be done”.

Me, well I’ve been busy too. I continue my lecturing at the University (which is all good fun), as well as updating the MagNet to give it different shapes, putting in the new decal system (which is ace and can be found here), following up with all the business matters (which is less ace) and fixing bugs (which admittedly I mostly put in).

We continue to work with Dan Stubbs who has been making some nice art pieces for us which we can use in various parts of the game. Here’s some for the park zone (noticed the new less rectangular and more roundy MagNet).

Park image

And just for good measure, here’s some progress on the Recycletron in all the all new Control Room.

Recycletron in Control Room

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