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Nothing at all for (almost) the whole month of July? We’ve really let the blog slip, haven’t we?

No prizes for guessing why – we’re all feeling the inexorable press of time. We’ve even released far fewer demo updates than we’d like, but over the last few days our Monkery Overlord has worked double time to get an updated demo ready. This version should have increased compatibility, particularly with older machines, bug fixes and maybe even some new stuff… The fresh new download can be found here on indieDB:

The Usual Disclaimer: This is an unfinished product and may (will) contain bugs, including ones that break the game. If you find any good ones, please consider reporting them and/or entering our bughunt competition.

As for a dev update: we’ve got a few new gameplay systems, we’re hard at work getting an exciting range of bot types in, we’ve been squashing many bugs, but most importantly we’ve been bringing all the levels up to fully-playable. Once everything works, we’ll really be on the final push, nothing to do but make all the bugs go away, tighten up the gameplay and make everything look shiny. Oh, and of course, we’ve been working on the MULTIPLAYER. Which I think will really sell it to you, guys.

A note: although we have obligations – and money requirements – that make October our release deadline, we won’t be dropping MagNets out there without support. Regular free updates are scheduled in from release onwards, as well as free and paid DLC on the cards. Keep an eye on the Total Monkery development blog[] if you’re into the ups and downs of game development.

As for the Greenlight campaign: although our yes to no vote stats are still in line with expectations, it’s exposure we’re lacking – which is, of course, not surprising for an unknown indie with zero advertising budget and hardly any time. We really need some big coverage if we hope to be in with a chance of getting us Greenlit any time soon. We have other distribution methods and approaches (including, of course, here on the site) but obviously self-publishing through Steam comes with penetration and exposure benefits that could really make a difference to sales. And although Total Monkery benefits from some solid business-heads and plans (not to mention cheap family labour), and will not be going anywhere even if we all have to move back into the house and live on 19p noodles and coffee, it would be a pretty soul-destroying experience if we didn’t make our modest sales goals for MagNets. So if you like us, please consider sharing something from us: this post, the Greenlight page, something on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube… or just tell a friend.

Sir Alan approves, It's him, honest... What do you mean he looks flat?

Sir Alan approves, It’s him, honest… What do you mean he looks flat?

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