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Christmas is nearly upon us, and Richard’s easing up on the Mystery Project. This is happy news indeed for Iliara, as Richard is now a bit more free to fix bugs, make things shiny, help out with the port and even make levels. Muttering all the while about being a CEO and above this, of course.

Anyway, this has resulted in progress of the kind that sometimes feels a bit like not-progress – some show-stoppers have been eliminated, but there are plenty of knock-on bugs to iron out. Our first exciting supermega (pre-alpha) DEMO is nearly done though! If it can ever escape from under the weight of the combined perfectionism in the TM office… I have trouble letting a blog post into the wild, let alone the game.

Thankfully, we take turns reining each other in. And mocking. Ahh, teamwork!

As for Christmas plans, The office will probably be quiet from the 21st to the 2nd. Richard never stops, though, so when I say quiet what I mean is blasting psychedelic trance at all hours. We also have an official TM Christmas Party/Family Outing (ahh, family businesses) on the 21st. And in the new year – demos, new projects, cashflow, and eventually the chance to talk about the SEKRIT PROJECT!

I can’t wait. :)

Oh and I know I promised naked ladies with kittens on Facebook… so I have lazily photoshopped a santa hat and snow into the top Google result for “kittens and boobs”. Enjoy!

A kitten and some boobs!

Anya Trounce, arteeste. Why yes, my services are available!

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