PRESS RELEASE: ElemenTales: Total Monkery’s all-new action puzzle game for mobile!

Plymouth, England: 29th May, 2015 – Take control of the elements as you lead four brothers across twenty-four island puzzles to find the source of their curse! Take your wits with you across a serene and mysterious environment as you control fire, water, earth and air to conquer the obstacles ahead, and even combine the brother’s powers to solve otherwise-impossible challenges. Hidden treasure has also washed ashore for the brothers to find, so search far and wide… you’ll need it to pay the ferryman. The game includes: 24 levels to solve, some allowing multiple solutions to reach the next island Free 8-level trial 4 brothers, 4 elements to master: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water Hidden treasure to find in each level, some guarded by its own puzzles Available on the Windows Store release Expanded version coming to Xbox One Arcade at a later date For more information about the game click here: Total Monkery Our family-run company prioritises fun and new ideas, relishing the challenge of creating games for a broad range of genres and platforms. We are an ambitious company with goals beyond making just quality games, and hope to continue collaborating with others, getting involved […]

ElemenTales is Coming!

I’m happy to say that ElemenTales will be out THIS WEEKEND! We should go live TOMORROW: we’ll let you know when. For those who don’t know, ElemenTales is a puzzle game set across twenty-four island levels. The seaside theme has been greatly inspired by our hometown of Plymouth – look out for the prawn! Take four cursed brothers through each level, combining their elemental powers of earth, air, fire and water to solve each puzzle and progress to the ferryman. It will be available with a free trial of the first 8 levels, and you’ll be able to get it for PC as well as Windows Tablet and Mobile (though we are targeting tablets first.) It’s been a whirlwind development cycle, but good fun and we’ve pretty happy with the result. Hope you like it! ~Anya

Press Release – Indie developer Total Monkery secures Microsoft Greenshoots funding for its second original IP release ElemenTales

February 2015. Plymouth, UK. Up-and-coming indie developer Total Monkery has secured support from  Creative England and Microsoft via the Greenshoots programme to enable the development of its original action puzzle game ElemenTales, due for release on mobile at the beginning of June 2015 with PC and Xbox to follow later in the year.   ElemenTales follows the adventures of four brothers who have been cursed to exist in the form of the classic elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The brothers must solve puzzles and collect hidden objects in order to progress through the levels, combining their talents but careful not to drain each other’s powers.   As with Total Monkery’s first release, MagNets (currently on Steam), they continue to combine colourful design with inventive and engaging gameplay and puzzle elements.   The Greenshoots support will enable the company, who were highlighted in Creative England’s CE50 report on innovative businesses in January, to continue to develop a solid base of original games. It also marks their first foray into the mobile market.   Total Monkery founder, Richard Weeks, also brings his wealth of industry experience (including time at Psygnosis and LucasArts) to his other role as an Associate Lecturer […]

Press Release – 30/01/2015 – Award-nominated Indie Game MagNets Now on Steam!

MagNets, the TIGA award-nominated debut title from indie studio Total Monkery, was released on Steam today with 10% off. The product of an inter-generational family development team, MagNets blends 90’s console charm, 80’s arcade relentlessness, and a unique gameplay mechanic. Described by the developers as ‘an arena shoot-em-up with no guns’, players must battle through 20 single-player story levels using their electromagnetic nets to circle rampaging robots and recycle their scrap. The game also includes time, score and scrap challenges and local multiplayer, where two players can test their MagNeting skills in battle. Total Monkery’s Technical Director, Richard, says, “We were thrilled when we found we’d been Greenlit. We’ve been out on, Desura, and others for a month or so, but it’s obviously very exciting to be able to bring our indie game to the number one digital distribution platform.” Total Monkery have been working on MagNets for just over a year, after securing funding from Creative England’s Gameslab fund to support development. They were recently included in the Creative England 50 report, highlighting some of the most innovative businesses in the creative industries. MagNets will also be coming to consoles throughout the year. MagNets is priced £7.99 / […]

TIGA Awards nominations!

Hello all! We’ve been shortlisted for a TIGA award! We’re in two categories: Arcade (Small Studio) and Debut Game. Although the competition is stiff, it’s still nice to be shortlisted and we’re looking forward to seeing the results! There’s also a vote for  TIGA’s Game of the Year award at the moment (voting closes on the 20th Oct) – we’re on the list, down at the bottom (whose idea was it to call our company such an alphabetically sub-optimal name?) as well as loads of other great games, so give it a look. Good luck everyone!

PRESS RELEASE: Total Monkery Launch Demo of MagNets with Game-Breaking Competition

Total Monkery Launch Demo of MagNets with Game-Breaking Competition 25/06/2014 Independent games studio Total Monkery will be offering free copies of their action-packed arcade arena game, MagNets, to players who find the best bugs, after the free pre-alpha demo of their upcoming title MagNets was released this afternoon. Total Monkery, a five-person studio run by primate-lover and game development veteran Richard Weeks, will be releasing regular updates to the demo in the months leading up to their first release, which will be available for digital download on PC or Mac in September. The bug-hunting competition will be ongoing, with one cycle running until the next demo update, whereupon a winner will be chosen by the team and the competition resumes. Total Monkery will also be awarding the most active players and contributors with surprise gifts as their community grows. “We’re looking forward to seeing a broader public reaction after our positive experience showing the game at The Gadget Show Live in April,” says Richard. “We’re also looking forward to seeing people have fun breaking it. We definitely believe in the benefits of involving players in development as early as possible, and we’re lucky to be part of the indie game […]

PRESS RELEASE: Total Monkery secure Creative England GamesLab grant

26 March 2014. Plymouth, UK. Up-and-coming indie developer Total Monkery has secured a Creative England GamesLab grant to support development of its original puzzle action game MagNets, due for release on PC, Mac and console (platforms to be confirmed) in August 2014. MagNets sees players take control of a Polarity Park Ranger, tasked with following the usually-routine robot maintenance schedule assigned by the city’s Master Analysis and Organisation Robot (MAyOR). But all is not well in Polarity City. Why are the Bloxbots malfunctioning? Why is the park so quiet? What’s happened to all the Magnetpets? Deploy MagNets to scoop up and short circuit misbehaving Bloxbots and work out what’s going wrong in the formerly peaceful, but thoroughly non-organic, city as your Ranger clears its way across a host of fun and challenging environments. Development on the game is well under way at Total Monkery and the team are combining charming character design with inventive and engaging gameplay mechanics as they work towards releasing the game’s first full demo in March. The Creative England funding will continue to support the family-run studio’s original IP-focussed plans for 2014 and also follows its recent move to larger premises as part of the Formation […]