ElemenTales – progress report

So, what is happening in the Total Monkery office? We have been massively busy since we started on our Microsoft GreenShoots supported project, not least because we have also been doing some very exciting client work (all very hush hush for the minute). Progress on ElemenTales has been pretty rapid, which is a good thing with just over 2 months to go until release. The team have been enjoying the new challenge of developing a tile-based game aimed initially at the mobile market. Not quite the poly count and memory they have been used to. Apparently the landscape uses no textures. It’s all magic to me. Here are some updated images of the levels. They give you an idea of the gameplay arena but are a long way from final quality and won’t be polished until the last couple of weeks of development, which I think Frederic (artist) is finding unbearable. I personally am loving the style, polished or not.                                               We should have a first trailer available in the next couple of weeks. Everyone is very excited about the prospect […]

Updates updates updates

Two weeks since my last blog post? Shameful. I’ll get put in the monkey cage for this, for sure. And what have I been doing while I fail to write? Well. In Iliara-land, aside from the usual tasks of making levels, making art and breaking stuff, we have talked over the level progression and have cemented the way forward. It always goes really well when we get together round the whiteboard and talk, which I think bodes very well for the future. There was always going to be a bit of worry when we first started, because at it’s core Total Monkery is a family business and it’s not like comedians tell jokes about how harmonious and successful families are, but everything has worked out so far. It helps that we all have someone who can get away with interjecting when a disagreement starts slipping out of Business-space. Richard tells Will and I to stop our shenanigans; Will and I recklessly offer up our opinions when Mum and Richard’s discussion becomes a little overenthusiastic; Will and Richard both keep quiet and try to steer me and mum away from each other at all times. Anyway, the upshot of the talk […]