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I’m so excited. We all got BUSINESS CARDS today. GROWNUPS have business cards.

I’m a bit annoyed with them because the gradient came out quite significantly darker than it did on my screen and on my printed copy, but they were also probably even cheaper than making them yourself, so can’t complain. When we’re wildly successful I want ones shaped like a bunch of bananas. Possibly that smell of banana. That would be awesome. Or just have our name printed on bags of foam bananas. Everyone loves you if you hand out sweets, as I learnt in primary school.

Business Card!

Wooo! I’m official!

Anyway, Iliara levels are always and forever being built, but I am, for the most part, continuing my crash course in CSS via the Iliara website. It’s still fun, although my God, can CSS be annoying sometimes. Anyway, once I’ve done that I will most definitely be moving on to making a custom theme for the TM website, although that will probably be a side project for when other jobs are driving me mad. Soon, I’m sure, Iliara will be Unityfied. It’s going to look sooo pretty. Also, be fun.

Speaking of fun, looking forward to ExPlay in Bath… although we’re all going up on Wednesday. Which is HALLOWEEN. Which is my FAVOURITE HOLIDAY. Nothing beats the Holiday of Sweets, Slutty Outfits and Being Scared, and I won’t be able to combine them into some sort of super awesome party! Sad times.

Of course, if anyone knows what delights Bath holds on Halloween night, do drop us a line. 😉

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