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It’s been an incredible release week for MagNets: Fully Charged on the Xbox One. We here at Total Monkery would like to thank everyone who has supported and covered the game over the past couple of weeks as well as those whose content has yet to be released. Not only have you helped make the game visible to gamers but each of your different playthroughs and reviews has allowed players to better understand the game and whether it is for them. The conversations we’ve had with you over the past few weeks have given us a great roadmap for improving not only our future productions but also how we go about getting our games into the hands of the player. We’ll continue to showcase the content being produced for MagNets: Fully Charged via our twitter and reddit page however we’ll also be doing a little something special so be on the lookout next week to see what we have in store. Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting out more information on the MagNets: Fully Charged multiplayer mode as well as our next Xbox One game, ElemenTales. You can find this information here on the blog so come on […]

MagNets: Fully Charged First Look

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What a week, the preorders for MagNets: Fully Charged on Xbox One opened up on February 26th to great success. We got some fantastic coverage for the games preorder across the globe and we even managed to get a blog post from the legendary Major Nelson. We also had our official first look at MagNets: Fully Charged hosted by the brilliant @Pure Xbox team during their 48hr charity livestream event for @Special Effect, a charity that helps people overcome physical disability to enjoy video games. So far during their Gameblast 16 Gaming Marathon the charity has raised over £170,000. We’re so grateful that we were able to be part of such an incredible event and would like to give a special thanks to Ken Barnes from the Pure Xbox team who helped set up the debut as well as showed off the game during the stream. It was great to see the first impressions of the game from Ken and the brilliant members of the twitch chat who were nothing but positive and encouraging about the game. We’re hoping that come March 9th, when the first wave of content and reviews are released that it is just as good and puts […]

We’re Back !!!

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We’re Back !!!   As our last update was over 2 months ago we have a lot of news to catch you all up on.   MagNets Fully Charged will finally be powering onto the Xbox One on March 11th We’ll be kicking off pre orders on the 26th February and having our official first look live on the Pure Xbox 48 hour charity livestream. Come along to http://twitch.tv/purexbox and support a great cause whilst having the first glimpse of the game on Xbox. We’ve had the pleasure of talking with a lot of great youtubers and streamers so be on the lookout to see some fantastic content being featured over the next couple of weeks.   In April ElemenTales will also be joining the Xbox One so all you puzzle fanatics best make sure to prepare yourself for controlling the forces of Fire, Water, Earth and Air and once again we’re proud to say we’ll be showing off some great content from the youtubing and streaming community.   Now that we’re back you’ll be seeing a lot more from us, so be on the lookout for more videos of us ‘Monkeying Around’’ and giving a bit more insight to […]

Press Release – MagNets: Fully Charged is powering onto Xbox One March 11th

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February 22nd, 2016 – Total Monkery are proud to announce that MagNets: Fully Charged will be powering onto the Xbox One on March 11th.   MagNets: Fully Charged is an intense arcade-style robot recycling collect-em-up! Players must fight to restore order in Polarity City, one arena at a time. Do this by capturing malfunctioning Bloxbots in your Electromagnetic Nets and using the scrap for upgrades.   The Fully Charged Edition comes with a number of additions and improvements from the original after upgrading from Unity 4 to Unity 5 all of the game’s graphics have been updated, the game now runs 60 fps at 1080p and there have been a great many smaller bugfixes and updates to give the player an even better experience.   We are honoured to announce that the official first look gameplay will be streamed by Pure Xbox on February 26th for their brilliant Gamesblast 48hr Charity Livestream, supporting Special Effect, a charity dedicated to helping people overcome physical disability in order to enjoy videogames.   Preorders for MagNets: Fully Charged will open on the February 26th for the Xbox One. Don’t fear, if you have a PC you can still get MagNets on steam.   […]

What the Future Holds: Part One

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First of all: Total Monkery won a Media Innovation Award for MagNets on Thursday! Here’s a link to find out more: http://www.mediainnovationawards.com/ And the awards uploaded a nice clip on Twitter: https://twitter.com/2015MIAwards/status/669954673319747584 So, many of you will know that we’ve been working on getting MagNets and ElemenTales to Xbox One. We’re now so close that you’ll be able to see us at Insomnia 56 on the Microsoft greenshoots stand and have a play! Richard, Andrea, Will and I will be manning the stand at Birmingham NEC (with foam bananas as usual) from the 11th to the 14th. Last time we were at Insomnia Gaming Festival we had loads of fun so we’re really looking forward to it. Over the next few weeks we’ll also be beginning to share with you the work we’ve been doing on Late Night Shop. Some of you may have already seen the art test below: We’ve got loads of video content in the works; stay tuned!

Off to Paris!

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Happy Halloween, everyone! So you might have noticed that it’s been a little quiet from us. Never fear – this the fun kind of quiet where a bunch of big exciting plans are afoot and we can’t say anything in particular because we don’t know which big exciting plan is going to become THE plan. Sorry about the vagueness, guys. Anyway, Andrea and Richard are travelling to Paris this afternoon for Paris Games Week! Alright for some, although apparently it’s all business. If you’d like to talk to them, they’re available for appointments through the Games Connection Meeting App. I’m sure they’ll be much less vague than I am. Back at home, we’ve all got plenty of work to do. MagNets: Fully Charged will be hitting the Xbox this year. ElemenTales is likely to hit very shortly after. And Late Night Shop… well, stay tuned.

Our plan for Late Night Shop, and more

Hello everyone! In the wake of the exciting Kotaku coverage, PC Gamer pickup and exciting collection of letsplays produced by our pre-alpha release, we wanted to talk a bit more about Late Night Shop and our plans for world domination making a high-quality end product. First of all, a lot of background information is covered in this excellent interview with the two members of our team responsible for the concept, Luke and Frederic: http://gamestyle.com/preview/late-night-shop-interview/ Frederic started the design for LNS as a very short, punchy game. Since then, we’ve discussed everything from that to a AAA masterpiece (anyone got a couple million?) and we’ve got some pretty solid ideas for scaling this and not making the mechanic too boring (or exhausting!). Also worth mentioning: LNS is going to get WEIRD. Think Primark as rendered by Dali. We’ve left a lot of the trippiest stuff out of the demo, but it is GOOD, especially in VR. We’re having fun trying to balance spatial weirdness with not being sick. But release date, and scope, is dependent upon funding. We’re looking at options at the moment – we’ll know where we are within a month. In other news, we’ve been working on MagNets […]

Late Night Shop, and more!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. I hardly know where to start! Some of you will have seen our newest project, Late Night Shop. Though this is the first we’ve mentioned it on the blog, you’ll find plenty of references it on our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vine, and we’ve got a nice new website for it too: latenightshopgame.com. It’s a bit bare bones for the minute. What can I say about it? As fellow Plymouth champion developer Viki pointed out, it’s a game of Grandmother’s footsteps… with terrifying shop mannequins. It initially started out as a side project between Frederic and Luke, but they decided, after ElemenTales, to bring it to the team to develop as a Total Monkery game. Which is awesome, because we all already thought it was cool. And it is very cool: That soundtrack was written for the game by @DamionSheppard, by the way, and I CANNOT EXPRESS how much I adore it. It presses so many of my favourite musical buttons. Most Whovians (or lapsed Whovians, like me) will immediately think of the Weeping Angels, but Frederic is a heretic and hasn’t seen any, so cites the inspiration in part to be this (WARNING: dark, gory) short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La6T8Bq6CsU. Also, standing in Primark […]

PRESS RELEASE: ElemenTales: Total Monkery’s all-new action puzzle game for mobile!

Plymouth, England: 29th May, 2015 – Take control of the elements as you lead four brothers across twenty-four island puzzles to find the source of their curse! Take your wits with you across a serene and mysterious environment as you control fire, water, earth and air to conquer the obstacles ahead, and even combine the brother’s powers to solve otherwise-impossible challenges. Hidden treasure has also washed ashore for the brothers to find, so search far and wide… you’ll need it to pay the ferryman. The game includes: 24 levels to solve, some allowing multiple solutions to reach the next island Free 8-level trial 4 brothers, 4 elements to master: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water Hidden treasure to find in each level, some guarded by its own puzzles Available on the Windows Store release Expanded version coming to Xbox One Arcade at a later date For more information about the game click here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=495f46a1-bf36-45a3-8404-5a0ea1ed0323 http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/elementales/6ddf0853-238f-417b-8a7e-312792b79dff http://elementalesgame.com http://www.indiedb.com/games/elementales Total Monkery Our family-run company prioritises fun and new ideas, relishing the challenge of creating games for a broad range of genres and platforms. We are an ambitious company with goals beyond making just quality games, and hope to continue collaborating with others, getting involved […]

ElemenTales is Coming!

I’m happy to say that ElemenTales will be out THIS WEEKEND! We should go live TOMORROW: we’ll let you know when. For those who don’t know, ElemenTales is a puzzle game set across twenty-four island levels. The seaside theme has been greatly inspired by our hometown of Plymouth – look out for the prawn! Take four cursed brothers through each level, combining their elemental powers of earth, air, fire and water to solve each puzzle and progress to the ferryman. It will be available with a free trial of the first 8 levels, and you’ll be able to get it for PC as well as Windows Tablet and Mobile (though we are targeting tablets first.) It’s been a whirlwind development cycle, but good fun and we’ve pretty happy with the result. Hope you like it! ~Anya