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I apologise in advance if I make a little less sense than usual, I’m somewhat under the weather. At the moment, the lower monkeys are hard at work making levels for Iliara while Richard fixes bugs we find. The air is filled with the sound of “Richaaaard… can we have this feature pleeeease?”. When Richard is free for non-SekritProject coding time, the Port to Unity will begin. Which should be interesting. I’m sure some very entertaining bugs are going to emerge over the coming weeks. I also have a nice long list on my whiteboard entitled “Anya’s non-Iliara goals”. These mostly involve the promotion side of things. Very soon there will be screenshots and promo materials so we can show wot we got to the world. Also, there will be badges! Everyone loves badges. Hopefully so we can scatter them about at ExPlay… if we can all agree which design to go for. In fact… I may need your help for that later. Stay tuned!


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I have mostly been christening the Total Monkery whiteboard. Whiteboard marker is a challenging medium.

Iliara: Where we are now.

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So, I hear that we may well be making a game… think it’s time to talk about it! Iliara is a spirit creature, created by the life force of his planet. He begins his life in innocence, not knowing his origin or purpose, but is guided by the planet to his eventual destiny – saviour of the world… His story is played out in the cave paintings of the ancients, and that’s where you come in 😉 Iliara will be a platform game for mobile, tablet and PC. Players will fire life-spirit using touch or mouse controls to move around the levels, collecting items, fighting enemies and solving a wide variety of puzzles. Iliara also includes a feature-rich level editor, enabling players to create their own puzzles, remix the work of others and share with the community, as well as participate in challenges and competitions. Iliara started out as Recoil, based on the way Iliara moves; you fire one way, he recoils the other.  Here’s one of the first versions: You can see more of Iliara’s development from a more technical standpoint from Richard’s YouTube channel. Richard began Recoil nearly two years ago with artist Matthew Beakes (website/linkedin), and from there […]

Article/Interview with Richard

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We’ve got a nice mix of opinions in the TM office; while Will has a soft spot for cool new tech, Richard is an old-school retro games fanatic. Recently, Richard lent out some of his consoles to a retro gaming event in Penzance, and there’s a nice article all about it here. The article also mentions Jamie Hamshere,  a cool person/musician that we have some exciting music game plans with – more about that some other time. I say that a lot, don’t I? I’m such a tease. In other news, Total Monkery had fun at this month’s ExPlay social – interesting talk about Unity 4, which looks exciting even to my inexperienced eyes, and the theme was old vs new which involved nearly everyone failing quite badly at Mario (I blame the controller, stupid trigger fast-forward), Will failing hilariously badly at Mariokart (“I’m too drunk to drive!”) and Richard displaying masterful Tetris skills. Sadly I felt (and indeed feel) pretty rotten by this point so mum and I left the men to get rather drunk on their own. I gather the rest of the night was fun. 😉 Anyway, this afternoon I intend to finally get around to talking […]

The Total Monkery Hub is Go!

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So, here we are, Anya and Will, working for Total Monkery in an Official Capacity. Here’s a summary of the hijinks hard work so far: DAY ONE (MONDAY): Will begins at 10am. No computer has arrived. No desks have arrived. Will and Top Chimp Richard have codey discussions and make diabolical plans, also watch Futurama. Will takes notes. They both mock the pixelmonkey. Richard’s business partner arrives (more about that later.) Richard and Andrea are starving on the 5:2 diet. Will and Anya run away cackling and gorge at home. DAY TWO (TUESDAY): Still no computers or desks. More talk ensues. The phrase of the day is, “Will can do that.” Richard and Andrea are no longer on a starving day and go out to eat posh food. Will’s computer arrives at 4pm and that cements the rest of the working day as computer set-up time. Still no desks. DAY THREE (WEDNESDAY): Anya officially begins; spends much of the day pining for her computer to arrive and listening intently to programmer talk trying to figure out what on earth they’re on about. Anya fulfils gender stereotypes by making Will a manly meat sandwich. Receives nothing in return but mockery. Laptop arrives at […]


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Well. Haven’t things been jolly busy for everyone. Anya, again, with the TM news. I’ve handed in my notice at my old job. This means that very soon, I will be poor. No, wait, that’s not it – it means the website may come out of the state of flux it is in currently. There will also be more socialising, tweeting and blogging. Maybe even a YouTube tour of the Monkery Hub, i.e. Richard’s office, which is a place of glory and dreams. These things will be done while I procrastinate merrily about my art tasks. My art will be done while procrastinating about the website. It’s a beautiful system. Our Monkey Wrangler continues to work for her old job to support us all while we attempt to get successful. Not only that, she’s scribbling away filling out forms for funding, and using all her wrangling might to keep everyone on track through this terrifying, I mean exciting, time. Top Chimp sits in his office tap-tap-tapping ’til all hours of the night. Nothing new there, mind, except you’re less likely to hear the sound of documentaries and Family Guy and more likely to hear his Serious Business music. His Serious […]

Welcome and Introductions!

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Hi there! Welcome to Total Monkery. I’m Anya, also known as TM’s Pixelmonkey, and I will be your blog poster for today. So, what’s the story? Total Monkery is the creation of Richard Weeks, a living legend and all-around awesome guy who’s probably been coding since before I was born. Tired of the many flavours of rubbish that one can experience in the games industry, he decided it was time to start his own project, hoping that he and other indie games developers could share talent, work together and make good games. TM’s first project, Iliara, has been just that so far, with three amazing games industry pros all contributing in their spare time. Although I’m biased, it’s looking AWESOME so far. One aspect in particular gets me very excited… but plenty more about that to come! 😉 Anyway, residing here at the Total Monkery Hub we have Top Chimp Richard, my mother the Monkey Wrangler and girlfriend, and me.  As you might imagine, it’s a bit of a geek haven in our household, as many of our nerdy visitors can confirm. It boasts several million consoles, an awful lot of cuddly toys (all Richard’s), a well-stocked cocktail cupboard and […]

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