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Hi there! Anya here… I’m forcing myself to write today despite the oppressive discomfort of STILL NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL YOU THINGS! However… we are in happy days with regards toMagNets: these few weeks have been mostly pre-production exploring, trying to set ourselves up well and work on a bit of everything that we consider an unknown or high-risk element to the project. This mostly involves: cleaning up, expanding and reorganising the MagNets Unity project (previously a rapid-protoype); rigging our main guy and figuring out Mecanim; getting a couple different camera and character controllers going so we can play/test/develop with them; getting a few switches and levers and more obvious gameplay elements up and running (and then Will teaching me how to hook them up); renaming things to more sensible things while we still have only a few assets to deal with; watching all the tutorial videos we’ve been putting off while we didn’t have the time; and generally nailing down our pipelines and workflow. Ooh, I love those sexy words. Will even made me little cyan lines that draws between switches and their relevant entities in the editor window, which is fun because it was one of those […]

#ScreenshotSaturday is #Stressful!

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Hi guys, Anya and Will here! As you may know, we’ve begun work on our crazy robot-capturing console game, MagNets! The reasons for which will become clear soon, when we can tell you about it… Anyway, because we’ve not been good at devblogging so far, Richard set us the task of taking some screenshots this week, and sharing them on Twitter via the wonders of #ScreenshotSaturday… here they are for the blog: What we’ve got: one first-pass player character rigged but stuck in T pose, some placeholder level pieces, some functioning switches, some dreadful UI, some cool particles because Will loves sparklies, and a fair amount of code and project planning work done. We very nearly didn’t post these screenshots, because MagNets is so early that it’s just a big ol’ mess and we couldn’t stop trying to tweak it so it looked… well, finished. But a) this is clearly stupid, and b) we’d been told to by the boss, so we managed! Hopefully we’ll have another set next week to show our progress… and Will has promised to do a dev digest! Well, mumbled that he might..

A little update

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Hi all, Anya as usual… as TM prepares for upcoming adventures, and before I post a blog of more substance, I thought I would put up some art in preparation for setting all in its rightful place at the MagNets project page, and also test out the sharing of Photoshop custom shapes! I have a lot more if people are interested in that sort of stuff. So, some character doodles in Illustrator for MagNets achievements: And now some free stuff (click to download):

The Indie’s Nemesis, PR: also known as Actually Mentioning That You Think You Might Be Good At Making Games And Maybe Someone Should Buy Them Please

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Hi guys, Anya as usual! The TM team is at an interesting point at the moment, with circumstances being such that we are in a bit of a limbo, with work to do but more mostly in the realms of gathering ourselves together, straightening out our resources and doing some thoughtful planning for the road ahead – which will be interesting, and which I can’t wait to tell you about… As I mentioned in my previous post, we were in Bristol over the last few days, which was a whirlwind adventure. It never ceases to amaze me that we get out of our road trips alive. How many other people go on holiday with their mother, their boyfriend and their boss, who is dating their mother… and you see them nearly all of the time… and the alcohol is flowing freely… and everyone’s very, very stressed… Anyway, we somehow didn’t argue, and I think we’ve got a lot from it – and a lot to reflect upon. On Wednesday afternoon I had a look over the blog again, and although it made me smile a bit it’s actually a pretty patchy picture of the rollercoaster journey Total Monkery has taken […]

Fun in Brizzle!

So, the TM roadtrip is over, and we can go home and back to work! Roadtrip, you say… we didn’t even know about a roadtrip! Well, that is in part why we were up in Bristol in the first place… to talk PR. Total Monkery is a family business, and as such our commitment to our cause has a certain familial ferociousness. Unfortunately, we are also a bit insular, and a tiny bit rubbish at promoting our unspeakable awesomeness. Enter Natalie of Press Space, our new guru, keeping us on the social media straight and narrow! We’ll be receiving a report from our PR audit soon, at which point we will unveil our Plan for World Domination! Some of this plan will involve a) better explaining our goals and what we’re about, b) explaining exactly what we have been doing for the past year and c) expunging all the hopelessly ambiguous ‘TBA’s from our game concept catalogue. So watch this space. The other reason we were in Bristol is money, but in the interests of mystery and suspense I won’t talk about that until we know the news. But I will say, good luck to everyone! Especially Plymothians… up the […]

Advantages of a Family Business

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A normal office: Employee: Hmm, someone seems to have stolen some of my lunch. How rude and outrageous! Do I say anything? Am I inviting conflict by making a fuss? No, it’s my damn lunch and I want recompense! “Excuse me, team, anyone know who stole my lunch?” Perpetrator: There is no way I’m fessing up now, ooh look how interesting my work is… Rest of office: *crickets chirp* Employee: Bloody scavengers, what do they think I’ll go mental grumble grumble mutter bad feeling… In a Family Business… Employee: “HEY GUYS WHERE’S MY MALT LOAF GONE?” Employer: “Oh, that was me, I had a craving!” Employee: “…Fair deal, mum.”

The Wall of Dumb

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I thought I’d share with you a little secret to Total Monkery productivity. It’s called the Mockery and Contempt Model. In summary: no idea shall be posited to the group without receiving mockery or a your-face joke. If you haven’t received mockery or a your-face joke, then you’ve been far too quiet today. And if you do something stupid, there will be no words of comfort, only giggling and/or: “Ah right. Do you know what I think you should do? Probably not that.” It’s a controversial technique, probably only effective in teams where everyone is actually related in some way, or at least like each other very, very much. A sub-section of the TM Mockery and Contempt Technique is the Wall of Dumb: Interestingly enough, since we compiled the first three entries, very few¬†dumb mistakes seem to have happened… or at least, been confessed to. In all seriousness, though, the Wall of Dumb is actually making a point: everyone in the office is represented, and mockery is doled out on a fairly equal basis, although Richard as Chief Sarcastic Git might get off lightly sometimes… Cookies if you guess whose entry on the wall is whose!

Develop in Brighton!

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So Total Monkery has been holed up in our little office for a little while now, tap-tapping furiously at our big procedural generation project, but the time has come to poke our heads out to tell you all that we have not forgotten our other games! In fact, we hope to see you at Develop in Brighton on July 11th, where – in between trying to fill our brains with knowledge and our pockets with freebies – we will be eagerly shoving our Iliara demo into the hands of whoever catches our eye. Anyone else planning to attend the Indie Dev day? And what are you most interested in?

Just a short check-in.

Time is a very frightening thing. It’s nearly been 8 months since Team Monkery assembled. And a whole month since the last blog. So how goes it for us? Well, I’m pretty sure I have learned more in the past 8 months than my brain ought to be able to contain, and I’m sure Will feels the same. We are still working all-out on our funded project, which hopefully will have a super-shiny detailed press release and some web presence very soon. We’re also planning to put overtime in over the next few weeks to bring Mini MagNets forward. We’re hoping to have something for the indie showcase at Develop. And maybe Iliara will get some lovin’ too – but love don’t pay the bills, so we’ll see. It’s all been a bit slower than we’d like over the last week or so as the Richard Machine broke down and was ill in bed for what he says is probably the first time in a decade, and Will and I have been feeling the strain of the live together/work together dynamic just a bit. But all is well now, and very soon we will have ACTUAL THINGS to show! Concept […]

Total Monkery to be key technical supplier to Rymatek for Procedural Content System

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UK middleware tech developer Rymatek Limited has announced that they have entered into a development agreement with Mystery Enterprises Limited, an SEIS-compliant digital publishing start-up, focused on UK-based games software and intellectual property development. Total Monkery are proud to announce that they will be providing the technology for their first project – the Datafall engine. In addition, Total Monkery will be developing the first game to be made with the engine. More details to be announced soon. Or, in blogspeak – Richard’s fellow veteran, Matt (LinkedIn) has been discussing with Richard for quite some time the possibility of making a genuinely reliable, convincing and extensive (not to mention extensible) engine for creating procedural narrative. When Richard quit contracting to start up Total Monkery, it seemed like the time was upon them. They formed Rymatek, which is a very cool name if you ask me, to be the company that would hold the IP and eventually distribute the license for the engine they planned to create. They then created Mystery Enterprises, a company focused on publishing mystery games created with the license. Mystery Enterprises is SEIS-compliant, which is a government scheme to encourage British growth by rewarding investors with tax breaks; […]