Merry Christmas from Total Monkery!

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Check back in January for our multiplayer update!

MagNets is Available on!

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So this is it. The big moment. MAGNETS IS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY ON ITCH.IO! About this release: MagNets is our first game. We’ve never released a game before. Even our Technical Director, a 20-year veteran coder, is on new turf today with the first release from the first project he has ever headed, from the first business he has ever headed, and the first project he has ever had a hand in designing and producing with the first team he has had a hand in choosing, training and managing. This time last year, two of the three of us had never even started making a game, let alone finished one, and our new artist only had 6 months experience when he joined us, 6 months in. In summary, we’re all shaking in our boots. Bear with us at this difficult time, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you buy the game and encounter a problem. We want to thank everyone who has made this possible, especially all the playtesters, event patrons, help forum contributors, local talent and other indies we’ve met – both in person and cyberspace. Everyone we’ve spoken to has been so kind, so fun, so […]

Dev diary, week…?

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I would make an excuse about our rubbishness in the blogging department, but I haven’t the time. This is because: We are approximately a week from release! EEEEEEEEEK! I say approximately because we have never submitted to sales sites before and we have no idea how long it will take until our first distribution platform okays us. But very soon, with any luck, we will be on Desura, Indie Games Stand, and a few others, with Steam hopefully following after – we hope to get some users to Greenlight with our initial sales push, and we hear that finished games on Greenlight do better. When everything is a go, we’ll be back on form and hopefully post a decent, in-depth and probably quite emotional development summary, along with a nice rush of promo art, freebies and fun. But for now, I’m going to keep it short and leave you with a little promo gif:

TIGA Awards nominations!

Hello all! We’ve been shortlisted for a TIGA award! We’re in two categories: Arcade (Small Studio) and Debut Game. Although the competition is stiff, it’s still nice to be shortlisted and we’re looking forward to seeing the results! There’s also a vote for  TIGA’s Game of the Year award at the moment (voting closes on the 20th Oct) – we’re on the list, down at the bottom (whose idea was it to call our company such an alphabetically sub-optimal name?) as well as loads of other great games, so give it a look. Good luck everyone!

MagNets Dev Diary… Pre-orders! Betas! Release Dates! Oh my!

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Apologies for the infrequent posting of late! We have, of course, been working flat out bringing MagNets together. This week we’ve begun prepping the Desura and Indie Games Stand sales pages, as well as Green Man Gaming – look out for an announcement when they go live. As of sometime next week, then, we will be available for pre-order. We are also hoping to go live with Desura’s Alphafunding option during the period between next week and release, so that anyone who wants full access right now can get stuck in! We intend to have a final release build ready-to-go on the 20th of November. This might mean we’ll be go live that very day, or it might take some time for submission and approval and such. We’ve never done this before, so we’ll have to see! :O As part of all this absolutely terrifying exciting release prep, we’re working on a new video. This one will have a rundown of everything we’ve got; 8 (maybe 9) bots types, the MagNet, special moves, zones, challenges, multiplayer, action! We’ve learned a lot from our previous vids, mostly about communicating what’s going on and how to play, showing a broader range of features, […]

Insomnia 52 breakdown

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So, four-fifths of the Total Monkery team (Poor Fred was ill) have been up in Coventry this weekend at the Ricoh Arena exhibiting MagNets at Insomnia52! The olds went to i51 and loved the vibe, so we were delighted to attend the next one as exhibitors! So, how did it go? The Good Player response was amazing. We had the usual few people coast by after identifying that we are not a gritty FPS, but nearly everyone who played was engaged and enthused. We had a good range, too, from the 6-year-old boy who was determined to beat the first boss to the non-gaming father who’d not really handled an Xbox controller before. The first morning was extremely scary when the game decided not to function, sending Richard scurrying off to a corner for half an hour to tackle the malfunctioning code (that’s what happens when you cram in a last minute bugfix… six more pop up). On the plus-side it did give several passers-by the chance to spectate a professional at work. Most awesome bug found goes to the player who discovered that he could simply run up the bridges and jump across the ravine rather than collecting the […]

Dev diary and Greenlight plug…

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Nothing at all for (almost) the whole month of July? We’ve really let the blog slip, haven’t we? No prizes for guessing why – we’re all feeling the inexorable press of time. We’ve even released far fewer demo updates than we’d like, but over the last few days our Monkery Overlord has worked double time to get an updated demo ready. This version should have increased compatibility, particularly with older machines, bug fixes and maybe even some new stuff… The fresh new download can be found here on indieDB: The Usual Disclaimer: This is an unfinished product and may (will) contain bugs, including ones that break the game. If you find any good ones, please consider reporting them and/or entering our bughunt competition. As for a dev update: we’ve got a few new gameplay systems, we’re hard at work getting an exciting range of bot types in, we’ve been squashing many bugs, but most importantly we’ve been bringing all the levels up to fully-playable. Once everything works, we’ll really be on the final push, nothing to do but make all the bugs go away, tighten up the gameplay and make everything look shiny. Oh, and of course, we’ve been […]

PRESS RELEASE: Total Monkery Launch Demo of MagNets with Game-Breaking Competition

Total Monkery Launch Demo of MagNets with Game-Breaking Competition 25/06/2014 Independent games studio Total Monkery will be offering free copies of their action-packed arcade arena game, MagNets, to players who find the best bugs, after the free pre-alpha demo of their upcoming title MagNets was released this afternoon. Total Monkery, a five-person studio run by primate-lover and game development veteran Richard Weeks, will be releasing regular updates to the demo in the months leading up to their first release, which will be available for digital download on PC or Mac in September. The bug-hunting competition will be ongoing, with one cycle running until the next demo update, whereupon a winner will be chosen by the team and the competition resumes. Total Monkery will also be awarding the most active players and contributors with surprise gifts as their community grows. “We’re looking forward to seeing a broader public reaction after our positive experience showing the game at The Gadget Show Live in April,” says Richard. “We’re also looking forward to seeing people have fun breaking it. We definitely believe in the benefits of involving players in development as early as possible, and we’re lucky to be part of the indie game […]

Week 17 – Pictures from #IGCCGD, EXCITING News, and the oldies go to Rezzed.

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So, that was the quickest week ever… I suspect some sort of temporal event. Or UNBELIEVABLE EXCITEMENT, maybe. What have we done this week? Feverishly tried to make the game fun and presentable, mostly… although I (Anya) have been focused on making other presentable things. Partly I refer to press packs and image uploads and edits to the website. The site constantly seems to sprout typos that I swear weren’t there before. We also took some photos on Plymouth Hoe for our headshots! Here are some of the outtakes (if you didn’t see them on Facebook): It seemed like a good time to do all this as we have entered the beginning of The Press Phase. This week we released our first officially official MagNets Press Release, which tells you all about how super we are and also about our funding. But the other presentables I have been creating are fliers and stickers and such for the SUPER EXCITING event we will be going to on the 7th April… The Gadget Show Live! We’ve secured a space on the indie zone, one of only eight! We have ordered foam bananas and stickers to lure people in, and we will have […]

PRESS RELEASE: Total Monkery secure Creative England GamesLab grant

26 March 2014. Plymouth, UK. Up-and-coming indie developer Total Monkery has secured a Creative England GamesLab grant to support development of its original puzzle action game MagNets, due for release on PC, Mac and console (platforms to be confirmed) in August 2014. MagNets sees players take control of a Polarity Park Ranger, tasked with following the usually-routine robot maintenance schedule assigned by the city’s Master Analysis and Organisation Robot (MAyOR). But all is not well in Polarity City. Why are the Bloxbots malfunctioning? Why is the park so quiet? What’s happened to all the Magnetpets? Deploy MagNets to scoop up and short circuit misbehaving Bloxbots and work out what’s going wrong in the formerly peaceful, but thoroughly non-organic, city as your Ranger clears its way across a host of fun and challenging environments. Development on the game is well under way at Total Monkery and the team are combining charming character design with inventive and engaging gameplay mechanics as they work towards releasing the game’s first full demo in March. The Creative England funding will continue to support the family-run studio’s original IP-focussed plans for 2014 and also follows its recent move to larger premises as part of the Formation […]