ElemenTales – progress report

So, what is happening in the Total Monkery office? We have been massively busy since we started on our Microsoft GreenShoots supported project, not least because we have also been doing some very exciting client work (all very hush hush for the minute). Progress on ElemenTales has been pretty rapid, which is a good thing with just over 2 months to go until release. The team have been enjoying the new challenge of developing a tile-based game aimed initially at the mobile market. Not quite the poly count and memory they have been used to. Apparently the landscape uses no textures. It’s all magic to me. Here are some updated images of the levels. They give you an idea of the gameplay arena but are a long way from final quality and won’t be polished until the last couple of weeks of development, which I think Frederic (artist) is finding unbearable. I personally am loving the style, polished or not.                                               We should have a first trailer available in the next couple of weeks. Everyone is very excited about the prospect […]

Press Release – Indie developer Total Monkery secures Microsoft Greenshoots funding for its second original IP release ElemenTales

February 2015. Plymouth, UK. Up-and-coming indie developer Total Monkery has secured support from  Creative England and Microsoft via the Greenshoots programme to enable the development of its original action puzzle game ElemenTales, due for release on mobile at the beginning of June 2015 with PC and Xbox to follow later in the year.   ElemenTales follows the adventures of four brothers who have been cursed to exist in the form of the classic elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The brothers must solve puzzles and collect hidden objects in order to progress through the levels, combining their talents but careful not to drain each other’s powers.   As with Total Monkery’s first release, MagNets (currently on Steam), they continue to combine colourful design with inventive and engaging gameplay and puzzle elements.   The Greenshoots support will enable the company, who were highlighted in Creative England’s CE50 report on innovative businesses in January, to continue to develop a solid base of original games. It also marks their first foray into the mobile market.   Total Monkery founder, Richard Weeks, also brings his wealth of industry experience (including time at Psygnosis and LucasArts) to his other role as an Associate Lecturer […]

Insomnia (and I am not talking about my sleepless nights)

Andrea here (aka Victorian lady). There is much excitment in the TM office as we put the finishing touches to our demo for the awesome Insomnia gaming festival. We have restocked on bananas, badges and large amounts of Pro Plus; it’s not called Insomnia for nothing. Having visited the May event I was particularly excited by the real ales and hay bales (can’t think why they call me VL). It is going to be great to catch up with some of the brilliant indies we met at the Gadget Show and this will be the first outing for our ‘newbie’ Frederic (we don’t normally let him out). The game is in its last phase, with all of the 4 zones now complete. When I said this out loud there was a look of horror on the team’s faces: “in principle,” they add. Working with a room full of perfectionists is quite a challenge ;-). But basically the refining, polishing and serious bug-hunting has begun. From the start it has been our intention to get the game onto as many platforms as we can, so a big thank you to all the amazing Linux testers who have been giving us feedback. […]

Magnets goes to Steam Greenlight

Hi, Victorian Lady here (aka Andrea), There has been much excitement in the TM office this week as everyone has been working hard on getting the demo ready and polishing our shiny new trailer in preparation for going on Steam Greenlight! Many foam bananas have been consumed. We have now gone live! Please vote for us here! Richard and I escaped the office this week to find out more about the IC tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest which gave us lots of food for thought, not to mention the opportunity for Richard to play Doom on the piano. All that thinking necesitated several beers in a really cool urban oasis in Shoreditch. Ah, it’s a hard life. It is now beer o’clock (again – wonderful that it comes around so often) and we are finished. As I said, MagNets Greenlight is now live (hint, hint). We are looking forward to a weekend of anxiously staring at stats while all the sane people enjoy BBQs and bask in the sunshine. If you have enjoyed following us please spare a few minutes to vote for us on Steam Greenlight and spread the word to your friends and family. Also, look out for the fun […]

Magnets Dev Diary Week 22 – Victorian lady allowed to blog

Hello everyone, this is Andrea here, the team’s general manager (A.K.A. general dogsbody and keeper of all the boring jobs). This is my first attempt at blogging, and I am struggling to concentrate due to the mockery and laughter of the team. This is mainly because my unoffical title in the office is ‘victorian lady’. A somewhat-deserved moniker, as I can usually be heard shouting at any and all electronic devices when they fail to perform the simple tasks I have requested of them. I am told this is my fault and not theirs (which I doubt) and that they are not in fact voice-activated (yet another failing on thier part). Anyway, onto the the important matter of updating. Richard and I had a very exciting bank holiday weekend as we visited the amazing Insomnia Gaming Festival. This was a revelation to me, as I was unaware of the wonder of LAN parties. The event was really cool, with a great atmosphere. Josh of Multiplay, the event’s organisers, billed it as the Glasonbury of Games and he wasn’t wrong. I particularly liked the hay bales and the excellent real ale. We have vowed to return in August and are hoping to have […]