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Hi there! Welcome to Total Monkery. I’m Anya, also known as TM’s Pixelmonkey, and I will be your blog poster for today.

So, what’s the story? Total Monkery is the creation of Richard Weeks, a living legend and all-around awesome guy who’s probably been coding since before I was born. Tired of the many flavours of rubbish that one can experience in the games industry, he decided it was time to start his own project, hoping that he and other indie games developers could share talent, work together and make good games. TM’s first project, Iliara, has been just that so far, with three amazing games industry pros all contributing in their spare time. Although I’m biased, it’s looking AWESOME so far. One aspect in particular gets me very excited… but plenty more about that to come! 😉

Anyway, residing here at the Total Monkery Hub we have Top Chimp Richard, my mother the Monkey Wrangler and girlfriend, and me.  As you might imagine, it’s a bit of a geek haven in our household, as many of our nerdy visitors can confirm. It boasts several million consoles, an awful lot of cuddly toys (all Richard’s), a well-stocked cocktail cupboard and a healthy atmosphere of mutual mockery. Coming soon to YouTube, a tour of the Hub and all its mascots.

I’m Anya, the baby of the family, and I am a 23-year-old aspiring Pixelmonkey with sidelines in WordPress website creation (tadaaah!), blog writing, social networking, promoting, making tea and doing whatever else I’m told to. I also work full time as a care assistant and in my spare time I like to press StumbleUpon compulsively, chill with the boyfriend, and play Kinect with the family. Every Friday I like to give myself whiplash and drink to excess at the local rock night. As for the other members, I will leave them to introduce themselves properly in their own posts. Don’t believe anything they say about me!

Watch this space for more about Iliara, new projects, nerdy nonsense and all-around Total Monkery!



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