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We’re Back !!!


As our last update was over 2 months ago we have a lot of news to catch you all up on.


MagNets Fully Charged will finally be powering onto the Xbox One on March 11th We’ll be kicking off pre orders on the 26th February and having our official first look live on the Pure Xbox 48 hour charity livestream. Come along to and support a great cause whilst having the first glimpse of the game on Xbox. We’ve had the pleasure of talking with a lot of great youtubers and streamers so be on the lookout to see some fantastic content being featured over the next couple of weeks.


In April ElemenTales will also be joining the Xbox One so all you puzzle fanatics best make sure to prepare yourself for controlling the forces of Fire, Water, Earth and Air and once again we’re proud to say we’ll be showing off some great content from the youtubing and streaming community.


Now that we’re back you’ll be seeing a lot more from us, so be on the lookout for more videos of us ‘Monkeying Around’’ and giving a bit more insight to our process iin ‘Inside Development’’ which you can find on our Youtube channel at ( We’ll be releasing the blogs more regularly so we can keep you all up to date on our various projects.
This year we have so much stuff going on and we hope you’ll join the team in their excitement over what’s coming over the next couple of months.

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