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Frantic Bot-Collection Action! MagNet rogue bloxbots in a relentless 80s-feel, 90s-style collect-em-up! Available on Steam


Control mysterious brothers and solve puzzles in this serene title for Xbox One, coming soon!

Late Night Shop

In-development: Late Night Shop, a first-person mannequin evader. Combining stealth. strategy and a lot of jump scares. PC, Mac, Linux - Also in VR!

ElemenTales Mobile

Solve Serene, Mysterious Puzzles for Windows Mobile and Windows 8. Available now with FREE TRIAL!

MagNets: Fully Charged

Play the award-winning bot collect-em-up, new and remastered for Xbox One! Coming soon!

About us


Total Monkery is a UK independent family-run games studio. Beginning in the back bedroom of a town house in Plymouth as one veteran programmer and two novice employees, Total Monkery have grown into a confident and efficient team. This year Total Monkery consists of Richard Weeks, TD; Andrea Chandler, MD; two artists, two programmers and an apprentice artist. We are currently based in Plymouth University's Formation Zone. 

Our debut game, MagNets, MagNets is a fast-paced bot-collection action game for PC in 2014. We received grant funding from Creative England to produce MagNets; since then, it has had an audience at The Gadget Show and Insomnia 52, received a TIGA nomination in October 2014, has been released on Steam after a successful Greenlight and is currently being upgraded for an Xbox One release. Our second Unity title, ElemenTales, is a serene 3D puzzle game available now for Windows tablets, mobiles and PC, and will also be available for Xbox One in the new year. Our most recent project, Late Night Shop, is a smart first-person horror stealth puzzler; the pre-alpha was released 2015 has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

An ambitious company, we have goals beyond making quality games; we like to collaborate with others, get involved in the local area, share our skills and experience, and in doing so contribute value to the industry we love.



Total Monkery - Selected as One of the Creative England 50

Total Monkery - Selected as One of the Creative England 50

Client Work


  • Richard Weeks
    Richard Weeks
    Technical Director
    20+ year veteran game developer, ex-employee of Sony, Psygnosis, LucasArts and more, as well as contractor for titles such as Viva Pinata (PC), Xbox Kinect launch title Get Fit with Mel B, and popular indie series Bit Trip. Two years of experience with Total Monkery has given him experience and insight into project management and technical direction. Richard is a fan of the old-school and collects retro consoles. Richard's favourite games list is vast, but includes Mariokart for the SNES, Do! Run Run, and Fallout 3.
  • Andrea Chandler
    Andrea Chandler
    Managing Director
    Andrea Chandler is a well-practiced manager of humans and stellar go-getting machine. When not looking after the sanity of the team, she also works as Scheme Manager for Home-Start South Hams, Plymouth and Tavistock, a family charity which has expanded to more than double its size and scope during her tenure. Andrea has also established two businesses and managed teams in the adult education sector. Without her, Total Monkery would also quickly collapse under a ton of paperwork and no-one would get paid.
  • Will Davis
    Will Davis
    Senior Programmer
    Will studied Computing and Digital Art at Plymouth University. Like Anya, he joined the company at its birth. He is rarely far from a computer with Unity, and when separated from this will watch YouTube tutorials into the early hours.
  • Anya Trounce
    Anya Trounce
    Artist/Asst. Producer
    Anya joined Total Monkery at its formation in 2012 as a hobbyist artist and writer. A fast on-the-job learner, she now has much experience with many aspects of game art production. She has also taken on a number of other roles in her time with Total Monkery, including project management, creating and managing the TM websites, and tech support for her mother.
  • Alex Terry
    Alex Terry
    Alex studied Game Development at Plymouth City College. His technical modelling skills and passion for the trade stood out, and he began an apprenticeship in 2015.
  • Tim Orman
    Tim Orman
    Junior Producer and Community Manager
    Tim studied Business Management in Plymouth University and completed his Masters in Project Management before joining Total Monkery as a volunteer, where he quickly proved himself a motivated, adaptable and personable team-member.

The Blog


torman Mar 18, 2016 0 Comments
It’s been an incredible release week for MagNets: Fully Charged on the Xbox One. We here at Total Monkery would like to thank everyone who has supported and covered the game over the past couple of weeks as well as those whose content has yet to be released. Not only have you helped make the game visible to gamers but each of your different playthroughs and reviews has allowed players to better understand the game and whether it is for them. The conversations we’ve had with you over the past few weeks have given us a great roadmap for improving not only our future productions but also how we go about getting our games into the hands of the player. We’ll continue to showcase the content being produced for MagNets: Fully Charged via our twitter and reddit page...

MagNets: Fully Charged First Look

torman Mar 01, 2016 0 Comments
What a week, the preorders for MagNets: Fully Charged on Xbox One opened up on February 26th to great success. We got some fantastic coverage for the games preorder across the globe and we even managed to get a blog post from the legendary Major Nelson. We also had our official first look at MagNets: Fully Charged hosted by the brilliant @Pure Xbox team during their 48hr charity livestream event for @Special Effect, a charity...

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