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Total Monkery is an independent game development company with a healthy fixation on mockery, puns and primates. A family-run studio, we completed our first title, MagNets, in late 2014. MagNets received its first audience at The Gadget Show and Insomnia 52, received a TIGA nomination in October 2014, and has since completed a successful Steam Greenlight campaign. It will be available on Steam in January 2015, with multiple console releases coming over the next year.

From beginning in the back bedroom of a town house in Plymouth, Devon, with one veteran programmer and two novice employees. We have since grown into a confident and efficient team, with a new full-time artist, trainee programmer and a space in Plymouth University's Formation Zone. Our strides have been recognised by Creative England, who included Total Monkery in its CE50 report as one of fifty innovative businesses in the creative industries.

An ambitious company, we have goals beyond making quality games; we hope to collaborate with others, get involved in the local area, share our skills and experience, and in doing so contribute value to the industry we love.



Total Monkery - Selected as One of the Creative England 50

Total Monkery - Selected as One of the Creative England 50


Our current Projects:


  • Richard Weeks
    Richard Weeks
    Chief Technical Officer
    CTO: 20+ year veteran game developer, ex-employee of Sony, Psygnosis, LucasArts and more, as well as contractor for titles such as Viva Pinata (PC), Xbox Kinect launch title Get Fit with Mel B, and popular indie series Bit Trip. Two years of experience with Total Monkery has given him experience and insight into project management and technical direction. Richard is a fan of the old-school and collects retro consoles. Richard's favourite games list is vast, but includes Mariokart for the SNES, Do! Run Run, and Fallout 3.
  • Andrea Chandler
    Andrea Chandler
    Managing Director
    Andrea Chandler is a well-practiced manager of humans and stellar go-getting machine. Currently working two jobs to support the family business, when not looking after the sanity of the team she is Scheme Manager for Home-Start South Hams, Plymouth and Tavistock, a family charity which has expanded to more than double its size and scope, and netted significant funding to support it. Andrea has also established two businesses and managed teams in the adult education sector. Without her, Total Monkery would also quickly collapse under a ton of paperwork and no-one would get paid. She's a business geek first, but has been known to get addicted to numerous popular freemium apps, and enjoys all games which involve people looking like an idiot in front of the Kinect.
  • Will Davis
    Will Davis
    Will studied Computing and Digital Art at Plymouth University and is a life-long gamer and technology geek. He describes Total Monkery as his dream job. He is rarely far from a computer with Unity, and when separated from this will watch YouTube tutorials into the early hours. His other interests include basketball, disassembling things for people (with occasional reassembly), consuming litres of coffee and teasing his girlfriend. His favourite games include Target Renegade, Populous, Battlefield 2 and the Command and Conquer series.
  • Frederick Fitzpatrick
    Frederick Fitzpatrick
    Frederic is a graduate from the Design for Games BA at Plymouth College of Art. Finishing with a First, he worked at another local games company before moving to join Total Monkery in April of 2013 as a Junior Artist. With a broad range of skills and interests, he is enthusiastic to learn by doing and develop as a games artist. Currently he's playing StarCraft 2, Ethan Carter, Thirty Flights, Desert Golf, and alarming amounts of Hearthstone, when not messing around recording synths and guitar licks.
  • Anya Trounce
    Anya Trounce
    Anya has been a hobbyist artist and writer since her teens and has now had two years of experience with the studio, during which time she has developed a passion for 3D modelling and tried her hand at pretty much everything else in the realm of game art. She is a Blender addict and may attempt to convert you. She has also adopted a number of other roles, including manning the social media arm of Total Monkery, creating and managing the TM websites, and tech support for her mother. She describes herself as a casual gamer, and by casual she means impatient. As in the rest of her life, she has trouble picking favourites, but is a sucker for good multiplayer and joins the rest of the universe in loving the Portal series. She refers to herself as a meta-geek, in that she can generate enthusiasm about almost everything, and is reluctant to specialise.

ElemenTales – progress report

So, what is happening in the Total Monkery office? We have been massively busy since we started on our Microsoft GreenShoots supported project, not least because we have also been doing some very exciting client work (all very hush hush for the minute). Progress on ElemenTales has been pretty rapid, which is a good thing with just over 2 months to go until release. The team have been enjoying the new challenge of developing a tile-based game aimed initially at the mobile market. Not quite the poly count and memory they have been used to. Apparently the landscape uses no textures. It's all magic to me. Here are some updated images of the levels. They give you an idea of the gameplay arena but are a long way from final quality and won't be polished until the last couple of weeks of development,...

Press Release – Indie developer Total Monkery secures Microsoft Greenshoots funding for its second original IP release ElemenTales

February 2015. Plymouth, UK. Up-and-coming indie developer Total Monkery has secured support from  Creative England and Microsoft via the Greenshoots programme to enable the development of its original action puzzle game ElemenTales, due for release on mobile at the beginning of June 2015 with PC and Xbox to follow later in the year.   ElemenTales follows the adventures of four brothers who have been cursed to exist in the form of the classic elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The brothers must solve puzzles and collect hidden objects in order to progress through the levels, combining their talents but careful not to drain each other’s powers.   As with Total Monkery’s first release, MagNets...


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